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    SMART Goal Format for Growth Plan

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    I need help to develop SMART goal format when writing my professional Growth Plan for school administrator. A Professional Growth Plan in which I need to identify a personal goal and a professional goal that reflect a commitment to lifelong learning. Focus in using the SMART goal format:
    - Specific
    - Measurable
    - Attainable
    - Relevant
    - Timely

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    I am pleased to help you today. If you like my work please select me as your expert in the future. Below are some examples of smart goals. I have used some of these in the past for my teacher evaluations.

    1. By August 2013, all Seniors will have earned the necessary verified credits in order to graduate, as indicated by student records.

    2.By 2013, all students will increase their basic sight vocabulary as measured by the Brigance assessment. Students will increase to a minimum of 15 sight words during the school year.

    3. By the end of the 2013-14 school year, all students enrolled in
    Practical Nursing 1 will improve their score, according to the 4-
    Level rubric, by the ...

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    This solution details the SMART Goal formation, it was a goal created collaboratively by all teachers, teams of teachers and/or evaluators during the first few months of a school year. Contains detailed processes of each goal, and also real-life examples.