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    Exploring the Role of Parents

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    I need assistance with the following: (Be sure that assistance is with each question)

    (1) Examine how one takes a leadership role in partnering with parents. (2) What examples can you draw from your authentic professional or personal experience? (3) Be sure to make explicit connections to the required readings as you explore the role of parents in supporting the education of their children.

    In addition to this text below, use TWO additional resources in assisting with answering the questions above. (Hjalmarson, F. (2011). Differentiated parent support: Engaging parents in unique ways to increase their involvement in School. San Diego, CA: TurnAround Schools Publishing).

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    There are various ways a teacher can take the leadership role in facilitating support for parents, the school, and for other teachers. Administrators may make these assignments to teachers, although some teachers may take the necessary steps in the classroom procedures themselves for the benefit of their students. Teachers can develop a plan at the beginning of the year to notify parents of the things they can be involved in and help with throughout the year in the classroom, as well as in the school itself. The plan could consist of various areas in which the teacher would like parent involvement to take place such as volunteering in the classroom, assist with filing, cooperate with book readings, assist in library time, go on field trips, collaborate with teachers on planning activities, and assist in a group setting with students. Parents have the power to shape young minds, just as teachers do (1).

    Some parents may not be familiar with how they can assist the teacher, so it may be necessary for the teacher to teach the parents how they can assist or help their child learn more effectively. This can be done by setting up training for parents or by having some type of pancake breakfast for the parents who attend in the morning time, or a luncheon for the ones who can attend on a Saturday, or maybe a taco night for parents who can only attend in the evening time. The reasoning behind ...

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    Discusses the ways that teachers can take the leadership role in assisting parents in taking an active role in their child's academic success and learning process.