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Product Preferences Worldwide

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1) If the product preferences of cultures and people around the world continue to converge, what would be a product that will likely be affected?

2) What would be a product that will likely not be affected by such a

3) For the product that is affected, how will the changes influence the marketing manager's job?

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Global product preferences are briefly examined in 200 words and a reference.

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Welcome back warmly to BM! I offer 200 words of notes and reference. Please rate 5/5 accordingly and ask for me on future Special Requests.

As you briefly identify what would be a product that will likely be affected by convergence be, I deem some food and beverage products as prime examples. Take Greek yogurt, for example, since the trend has permeated all parts of the world. I also feel like the bubble teas from Asia and the Starbucks array of drinks also depict examples of this convergence already. I Phones and other ...

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