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    Knowles' assumptions

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    Can you assist me in writing a three-page paper that argues that at least two of Knowles' assumptions are either mostly right or mostly wrong? I'm having difficulty conducting this research and finding references.

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    The assumptions that Malcolm Knowles had on andragogy and how adults learn were mostly right because adults learn differently than children, which is why Knowles proposed a different approach to teaching adult learners. Knowles believed that the characteristics of adult learners that were most important such as self-directed learning, experience, readiness to learn, and orientation to learning were the defining characteristics that separated adult learners from their pedagogical peers in K-12 traditional education.

    The two most important assumptions are self-directed learning and the orientation as adult learners are learners who wish to immediately apply their learned skills to their lives to improve their job chances, earn more money, or be promoted in their jobs. Therefore, they are focused on a self-directed learning approach that is placated upon them being able to take charge of their own ...

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    The following posting discusses Malcolm Knowles' assumptions on androgyny.