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Discipline in preschool programs

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Discipline and guidance are major components of a preschool program. You need to establish your own philosophy before you can communicate this with parents. Review the following quizzes to reflect on your opinion of discipline and guidance.
The Best Discipline Tactics: A Quiz

The Discipline Quiz: True or False
Review Table 7:1 in your text, "Approaches to Guidance and Discipline with Young Children," and choose two extrinsic reinforcers/rewards and two intrinsic reinforcers/punishments. Give an example of each choice to demonstrate your understanding of "How It Works" and explain why it is an appropriate choice for a defiant child. Explain what you would say to a parent who might question your decision to use this method. Finally, share with your classmates your favourite extrinsic reward for a 3-year-old.

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From the cradle to the grave the human "psyche" needs to be fuelled by motivation. Motivation from a behavioral frame of reference can be categorized in two ways: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic ...

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A discipline in preschool programs are given. The approaches to guidance and discipline with young children are given.

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