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Action research for further investigation

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Interesting perspective, "In addition, if the supplementary data collected is disclosed, it can also be used to conduct further investigation of the research topic especially if the participants being studied are other professionals such as teachers or staff." Collaborating with other professionals will often result in motivating others to conduct action research of their own.

While reviewing math placements for rising tenth graders, one shared with his/her colleagues the data you found on the current ninth graders in terms of their prior middle schools. Specifically, how students coming from one school were more successful than those from another school. She reviewed her students as well. Based on what 2 out of 6 counsellors determined, we approached our math department chair about having the math departments share this information with the middle schools. Our action goal was to improve the preparedness of all students based on what we found.

Could you share other ways your action research might lead to further investigation?

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Action research leads to further investigation by forcing the researcher to develop enforceable plans that can improve the ...

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The action research for further investigations are provided. The action research is analyzed.

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