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Describe two OD interventions to address problems

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Describe two OD interventions one can use to address these problems and change the chosen organization answering the following 6 questions.

1. Research and describe each step in the action research model.

2. Describe two tools OD can use to identify problems in your organization.

3. Analyze how your organization would use these tools.

4. Analyze and describe the problems you may discover.

5. Describe two OD interventions you can use to address these problems and change your organization.

6. Analyze how you would evaluate the success of the planned change.

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Step in Action Research
Action research is a type of investigation that aims to address an existing problem or improve a current situation or system. It is conducted by using the following steps:
1. Identification of the Problem. It is important that the real problem to be addressed is clear.
2. Gathering background information to clarify the problem. This will ensure that real causes of the problem will be determined.
3. Designing the methodology to gather adequate information that would further explain and illumine the problem/s. This involves determining the research design, the sample and sample size, and the instruments that will be utilized to gather information.
4. Analysis and interpretation of the information. This includes a plan on how information obtained will be given meanings. For quantitative in formation, statistical tools such as measures of central tendency, variability, and correlation may be utilized. Tests of differences between means may be used to compare groups in relation to certain variables. Qualitative information may be interpreted through patterns and trends analysis.
5. Determining applicability of the findings to the problems identified. Findings from the study would provide ...

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