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    Providing supplementary information

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    One uses supplementary information in his response to this DQ and concludes "...if it is supplementary information, it should not be published in the review simply because it was extra information that was gathered that was not needed for the study. Disclosing it might confuse the data and/or even hurt the results. However, publishing is in a separate place for anyone interested in reading it is always acceptable." One's definition of supplementary information is information that is not part of the research criteria.

    As the information is unrelated to the research in general (or specifically), is the researcher even obligated to provide the information to the participants?

    What about in reporting the research results-is this information required/necessary in any capacity?

    Consider alternative types of information that might be revealed as you respond.

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    Supplementary information is just that! It is additional information or insights gleaned from the implementation of a research study. ...

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