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Analyze the interview question responses from M4 using NVivo and your developed interview questions and responses.

- The details of open, axial, and selective coding data analysis procedures related to interview question responses.
- Direct quotes and in-text reference support for all factual statements.
- Research question answers grounded in a discussion of thematic generation, crystallization, triangulation, or other common qualitative analysis procedures.

4 pages, APA 6th.

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CHAPTER 4 Research Methodology and Design uir.unisa.ac.za/.../05Chap%204_Research%20methodology%20and%20d... Retrieved from Google Database.

The 3-5 open-ended research questions
Does DIY organizational commitment require employees to be committed to the mission of the company?
If workers aren't satisfied with their jobs, can a company survive? No
Does outside factors such as work-on-family stress cause workers to lose job satisfaction? Yes
3-5 open-ended interview questions
How do you feel about the current state of your company? Satisfied
Does your job give you job satisfaction? Yes
Are you committed to the new vision for the company? Yes
3-5 Socratic follow-up questions
Is effective leadership necessary for a vision to come into fruition, and does the leader have to be charismatic? Yes, the leader needs to be charismatic and an effective leader for successful change.
Is it possible to facilitate organizational commitment from employees without including them in the develop stage of organizational strategic change? No, employees are instrumental in providing the assistance and skills necessary for successful ...

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The solution assists with analyzing the interview question responses from M4 using NVivo and your developed interview questions and responses.

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