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Developing a health and wellness plan for families

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Thematic Backpack Rubric

Please find the rubric with the grading criteria for the Thematic Backpack assignment.
This should help you to be sure you have covered all parts of the assignment to receive the most credit points.

Thematic Backpack Plan
10 points

Content Criteria
Introduction letter explaining the purpose of the backpack. 1.5
Health idea, activity, or game centered on an important health concept for families to explore. 1.5
Wellness idea, activity, or game centered on an important health concept for families to explore. 1.5

Nutrition idea, activity, or game centered on an important health concept for families to explore. 1.5
Safety idea, activity, or game centered on an important health concept for families to explore. 1.5

Summaries for two resources that will support families learn more about one of the areas. 1.0
Writing Skills

The content is organized and is presented in a clear manner. 0.5
Research Criteria
Two resources (other than the text) are referenced using APA format. 0.5
Style Criteria
The plan is creative, developmentally appropriate, and engages families. 0.5

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See attached document. I enjoyed helping with this assignment. I was allowed to utilize my creativity.

Unit 1: Health, Wellness, Nutrition, & Safety

Dear Parent/Guardian:
We are currently learning about health, wellness, nutrition, and safety in school; however, we want to offer family support for continuing this education in the home. During this unit, your child will learn the importance of health and safety awareness. By the end of the unit, your child will have completed several activities that demonstrate his/her ability to practice health and safety precautions. To extend your child's learning the thematic backpacks are sent home with children for a week throughout the year. The thematic backpacks include materials, parent information, games, manipulative, and other resources all centered on a plan to explore the contents in a fun and engaging way at home with the family.

Thank you for your cooperation

Health Word Bing!
Use old fashion fun to teach basic health concepts.
1. Each player is given a Bingo card and paper chip squares
2. Player covers the free space with paper square chip
3. The caller shuffles the ...

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The expert develops a health and wellness plan for families. A thematic backpack rubric is provided.

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