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Organizational Behaviour

Conducting a Coaching and Performance Improvement Analysis

I need assistance in conducting a coaching and performance improvement analysis using the attachment as guidance to complete this task. Please assist me using your personal experience and guidance. The person that you use as the focus of your analysis can be fiction. Thanks

Evaluate options considering future gold prices

The Strik-It-Rich Gold Mining Company is contemplating expanding its operations. To do so it will need to purchase land that its geologists believe is rich in gold. Strik-It-Rich's management believes that the expansion will allow it to mine and sell an additional 2,000 troy ounces of gold per year. The expansion, including t

Organizational Behavior Topics

Please see attachment for instructions. Need some ideas and suggestions to complete my assingment, with references. From attachment: In your own words discuss the organizational behavior topics and explain how they relate to each other with regards to organizational behavior as a whole. Please write 150-200 words.

What are the characteristics of high performance workplaces and organizations?

The following will be discussed and written about with my learning team. I need an intro and conclusion written based on the bottom information. ? Describe the characteristics of High Performance Workplaces and Organizations. ? Discuss how high performance workplaces and organizations differ from traditional organizatio

Employee Empowerment

What employee empowerment training must be conducted to make in order to make it effective?

Internal and external forces impact organizational behavior

I need to explain how the force of the economy impacts the organizational behavior for my organization. I work in a manufacturing facility for moulding and millwork. Our products include custom mouldings, millwork, kitchen and bath cabinets, computer/office/custom furniture, shutters, windows, doors, mantels, raised paneling, t

Changes By New Employees Versus Consultants

I think there is a bias or perception about a person who comes into the company to make changes. The internal team members tend to resist change. However, if a company has a consultant to come in to work with them on the change, it is then more acceptable and team members tend to cooperate to work with the consultant. Do

Customer Loyalty Programs: Target Market

Choose a retail chain where you have shopped and/or worked. Imagine that you are a VP ? Customer Engagement for that store. The CEO has asked you to prepare a memo for the Board of Directors. You are asked to comment on whether the Pathmark strategy of debit/loyalty cards would be appropriate for your store. Your discussion

Discuss factors affecting employee productivity and satisfaction

Discuss what you would do if you were in an environment that you did not find challenging. What would be the difference in your actions if you had a leader that you respected and were willing to do whatever he or she requested versus a situation where the leader was verbally abusive and made things difficult? From your action

Organizational behavior (3 major theories)

Need some assistance in preparing a 500 word paper on the following topic. Discuss ways the major theories of organizational behavior (OB) can help, or have helped, guide the way for managers in the complex and changing global business environment. Use actual examples of times when OB concepts would be, or have been, useful.

Boosting Employee Morale.

Assume that you are a manager at a call center and your employees have to take the following survey about you at the end of the year. Stratagize a 12 month plan that helps you receive " yes " as the answers in all of these questions. Include activities or ideas that would help the manager address each question during the year.

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper a. Using the readings, articles, and/or your personal experiences, prepare a 700-1,050-word paper in which you explain the following key concepts and terminology: 1) Organizational culture and behavior 2) Diversity 3) Communication 4) Business ethics 5) Change

Rappaport's elegant shareholder valuation model

'Rappaport (1998) puts forward a very elegant shareholder valuation model but fails to recognize the real issues of recognizing the complexity of value drivers and their management' References Copland, T., Koller, T. & Murrin, J. (2000) Valuation: Measuring and Managing the value of companies .New York: John Willy & Sons.

Organizational Behavior

Bill Creighton One evening, Bill Creighton, senior associate, and Mark Finney, administrative associate at Sterling Bank, vented their frustration in Finney's Wall Street office. Finney had been avoiding Bill for several days until Creighton finally caught up with him at 8:00 p.m., just as Finney was leaving for home. Creig


Many organizations have decided to cut back on their benefits - matching retirement, etc. and/or pay cuts as well. Whats your cuts/and or discontinuing of benefits or termination/or layoff? 300 words

Organizational Behavior Management

Discuss the use of power to influence within an organization. Is acquiring power an art or skill? Can anyone do it? Please explain your answer. Analyze the management role in an organization and the importance of training managers for effective leadership.

Employee handbook

Need help in preparing a 8 slide power point with speaker notes. Develop a presentation to discuss the importance of a employee handbook to propose changes to the existing handbook, and the potential results that failure to understand it can have both within the company and outside in the community. With each bullet on the

Management for Political Risk

1- Political risk is the risk that a firm's host government intervenes in the economy as to adversely affect the firm. What are the ways in which the host government can do this? 2- In developing a global business venture, one should never assume that the culture of the target country matches that of your own country, wit

Preserving the Cohesiveness of a Group

One of the fifteen employees of the department that you manage has recently reported on another employee who had been involved in a serious fraud. As a result, the latter was fired. However, relations between the "snitch" and the others have become very strained and he is almost isolated within the department. What steps woul

Discussion questions

I need help with these discussion questions. The articles suggests that customer relationship marketing embraces the same dynamics as interpersonal relationships. Think about a meaningful relationship in your life.

Organizational behavior

True and false, fill in the blank, organizational behavior questions. Work life balance concerns are the focus of the strategic approach to organizational behavior today. Organizational behavior is defined as the actions of individuals and groups in an organizational context. Multicultural organizations have diverse wor

The solution to Employee Handbook

After your review of the employee handbook and meeting with other managers/supervisors to inquire if they have any questions or issues with what is in the handbook. You now have a better understanding of the applicability and effectiveness of the employee handbook. Your have researched how managerial mistakes can lead to litigat

Organizational Behavior

I am looking for clarity on the following bullets points, original details. Please describe the following in approximately 100 words each: ?Organizational Behavior, ?Organizational Communication, ?Organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and ?Organizational learning Thank you! ~Pamela