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Organizational Behaviour

Buyer-Supply Relationships

There are 3 types of buyer-supply relationships (transactional, collaborative, and collaborative and alliance). a) How are these changing currently? b) How does Electronic business affect these changes?

Developing a Performance Appraisal System

Discuss elements of good appraisal systems in the assigned discussion cluster. Determine the elements that should be present in an appraisal system. Use the information from the discussion cluster to design an original appraisal system.

Critical Path to Understand Performance Issues

There are 12 distinct operations involved in processing and shipping orders. Some can be performed at the same time as others, whereas others have to be performed in sequence- meaning, once can not take place before the other is completed. Based on the information provided below, analyze the order-processing and shipping oper

Managing Organizational Behavior

Explain how these elements of communication can impact individual behavior in managing organizational behavior. In your explanation specifically address the following items a. Differences between effective and efficient communication-- 200 words + b. Nonverbal communication-- 200 words + Please reference on APA and provid

Metric Systems in Organizations

1. Evaluate a metric system that you are aware of in an organization that is inconsistent with the companies overall objectives. Why is it inconsistent? How has this affected the overall performance of the company? How should it be changed? 2. Why do managers procrastinate on performance reports? Are most performance reports

Scientific Management and Organizations

Please help answer the following questions. What is scientific management? How might today's organizations use it? I need a minimum of two sources along with the answer.

Imagine that you have been asked to develop a contemporary organizational theory.

Exercises Imagine that you have been asked to develop a contemporary organizational theory. You have decided that the fastest way to do this is to develop a hybrid using the current five contemporary organizational theory models; population-ecology model, resource-dependence model, rational-contingency model, transaction cost

Organizational Behavior Modification

Please help me to write a 200-250 words to this question: 1. Is Organizational Behavior Modification a form of manipulation and if it is, is it unethical for managers to manipulate the behavior of employees? I need to support the argument.

Consumer Relations - Anti Smoking

View two anti-smoking websites. 1) What organizations or individuals sponsor these sites? What is their agenda? 2) How should the tobacco industry respond to these sites (from a consumer relations standpoint)?

Major Theories of Organizational Behavior (OB)

Discuss ways the major theories of organizational behavior (OB) can help, or have helped, guide the way for managers in the complex and changing global business environment. Use actual examples of times when OB concepts would be, or have been, useful.

Discuss factors affecting employee productivity and satisfaction

Write a memo to department managers proposing an orientation program that would be delivered over 3 months. Explain why you are proposing a change in the current program by mentioning a diminishing workforce. Ask the managers for their suggestions and put a timeline to the delivery of the program.

Employee Contribution

If entrepreneurs do not need to know all the answers-yet need to ask the right questions-why does solutions to adaptive challenges reside not in the executive suite but in the collective intelligence of employees at all levels. Please support your 200 or more word response with scholarly references. Be sure to use APA 5th editi

Organizational Behavior - Cross-Cultural Diversity

Library Assignment: The senior management team has requested you provide them with a proposed plan for training the current and future employees about cross-cultural diversity. They want to know the major topic areas and why those are important. They have requested you identify how the training will be provided to current em

Organizational Behavior and Matrix Team Structure

The senior management team must make decisions on what actions will be required in moving from a national to cross-national enterprise. The team has asked you to provide them with a presentation addressing the areas that will require special consideration when making this move. The focus needs to be centered on the impact to the

Performance Appraisal

What are special challanges with regards to: Strategic Relevance Criterion Deficiency Criterion Contamination Reliability Compliance with the law Appraiser Training and what would be the impact on employees and employers if the challenges were not addressed?

Organizational Theory and Behavior

1. Why do you think the subject of OB might be criticized as being "only common sense," when one would rarely hear such a criticism of a course in physics or statistics? 2. Don't teams create conflict? Isn't conflict bad? Why, then, would management support the concept of teams? 3. What can you do to improve the likeliho

Components of Employee Benefit Plans

What are the major components of a benefit plan? and what are the key issues that must be considered when developing, designing, and administering a benefit plan? Why? What impact does ethics have on the determination of compensation and rewards systems? List (3) key elements necessary for establishing an effective employ

Effective Communication

What are the barriers to effective communication and what to do to improve them? Note: Please cite the sources.

Organizational Behavior

Discuss leadership using the subtitles listed below: -Your expectations of organizational leaders -Your personal leadership style -The relationship between leader behaviors and the culture in your organization -Your decision-making style when leading individuals and when leading groups -Your opinion about the appropriate us

Organization Behavior - Ceremonies

What role do ceremonies play in the socialization process of someone crossing an important organizational boundary? What role do ceremonies play in the motivation of group members who are not crossing a boundary but are merely observers at the affair?

Management Information System & Decision-making

Here are five questions written by one of your systems analysis team members. Her interviewee is the local manager of LOWCO, an outlet of a national discount chain, who has asked you to work on a management information system to provide inventory information. Review these questions for your team member. 1. When was the las