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Organizational Behaviour

Business: Org. Behavior- APA Format, Organizational Design Analysis

Interview employees of a small- to medium-size organization (Esgee Plastic Systems), analyze the reasons for its design. 1. What is the organization in business to do? What are its goals and its strategies for achieving them? 2. How large is the company? What is the total number of employees? How many work full time? How man

Organizational Behavior essays

Organizational structure is the hierarchical framework or practical methodology in which a company is formulated. The structure is made up of several significant components that develop and maintains an organizations overall functionality and productivity levels. These components include a top-down hierarchical infrastructure

Organizational Behavior - Communications Technology

Communications technology is exploding and the resultant impact on business can be quite significant. In more and more cases, face-to-face communication has been replaced by technology applications, some quite simple and some that have been around for many years. Your assignment is to identify as many business communications

Organizational theory: EBay's global strategies, core competencies

The Research Paper must include a cover page and references. APA format, please use at least five professional references and may include internet sources, books, and professional journals or resources related to the profession. References used for previous research. Choglan, K., Pauley, T. &Scott, P. (2005).eBay Company

Organizational theory: Growth, Crisis, Change, Restructuring in organizations

A) Why do organizations grow? What types of major crisis is an organization likely to encounter as it grows? B) Does evolutionary or revolutionary change best describe the changes that have taken place in your organization? In what type of change, such as restructuring, has your organization been most involved?

Verizon: Build a customer profile for a cell phone customer

The company I work for is Verizon. Can be a wireless customer or landline, whatever you can find. In this assignment, you are asked to profile your company's current customers. Using the information above and the information on customers you can locate within your company, profile your company's current customers. Describ

Global Internal Business

1. What issues arise in doing business globally? 2. What trends have you observed in organizational behavior?

Organizational theory

How important is it that managers match organizational structure and culture to the strategy pursued? Should a cost and benefits analysis be completed in order to evaluate entrance into a new market?

Ownership structures

Why do ownership structures that worked well in one generation often prove ineffective in later generations? Discuss at least three factors that prevent structure "longevity" and suggest ways the family enterprise can avoid them. The response addresses the queries posted in 434 words with references.

Business Management: Organizational Behavior Principles

Influencing Performance You are getting ready to meet with the operations supervisors on how to address individuality and situational operational issues when addressing individual performance. One supervisor says that she believes one conceptualization of performance is that it results from a combination of individual differe

Organizational Behavior Principles

Your supervisor has asked you to lead the project for adding employees for the new plant. It is a new production facility, with a new product line and manufacturing process, UPI has designed. You anticipate that some existing employees will be interested in transferring to the new plant and you will be hiring over 50 new employe

Evaluate the Skill-based pay system of compensation

Skill-based pay refers to a pay system in which pay increases are linked to the number or depth of skills an employee acquires and applies and it is a means of developing broader and deeper skills among the workforce. Such increases are in addition to, and not in lieu of, general pay increases employees may receive. The pay incr

Prospects for the pharmaceutical industry going forward? Opportunities, threats

What are the prospects for the pharmaceutical industry going forward? What are the opportunities, what are the threats? What must pharmaceutical firms do to exploit the opportunities and counter the threats? Write a paper using APA format for references over the question listed above. The industry conducts research, ma

What are some common problems when administering employee policies in an organization? What is HR's role in the performance appraisal process and how does HR impact the organization's success?

3. What are some common problems when administering employee policies in an organization? What are the controversies surrounding employment-at-will? How effective are the employee relations programs in your organization? Why or why not? 2. Using your company as an example, explain the type of performance appraisal system

Using the Reactive-Defensive-Accommodative-Proactive Scale

1. On the Basis of Home Depot's response to environmentalist issues, describe the attributes (power, legitimacy, urgency) of this stakeholder. Using the Reactive-Defensive-Accommodative-Proactive Scale, assess the company's strategy and performance with environmental and employee stakeholders. 2. As a publicly traded corporat

Discuss Weber's Typology of Authority: Three power sources

Organizational Behavior - Discuss Weber's Typology of Authority. Go online to this site in order to compare and contrast Weber's three power sources against others' ideas: http://www.cf.ac.uk/socsi/undergraduate/introsoc/weber11.html.

Making people comfortable with job changes

Please help with the following problem. What are some suggestions on efficient communication techniques that a retail outlet might use to notify cashiers that they will soon go through training for a new model of cash register?

Employee Empowerment Increase Productivity

Describe at least two ways to show how the empowerment of employees by organizations can help increase productivity. Please support your answers with quotes from the external source.