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Organizational Behaviour

Rappaport's elegant shareholder valuation model

'Rappaport (1998) puts forward a very elegant shareholder valuation model but fails to recognize the real issues of recognizing the complexity of value drivers and their management' References Copland, T., Koller, T. & Murrin, J. (2000) Valuation: Measuring and Managing the value of companies .New York: John Willy & Sons.

Organizational Behavior

Bill Creighton One evening, Bill Creighton, senior associate, and Mark Finney, administrative associate at Sterling Bank, vented their frustration in Finney's Wall Street office. Finney had been avoiding Bill for several days until Creighton finally caught up with him at 8:00 p.m., just as Finney was leaving for home. Creig


Many organizations have decided to cut back on their benefits - matching retirement, etc. and/or pay cuts as well. Whats your cuts/and or discontinuing of benefits or termination/or layoff? 300 words

Organizational Behavior Management

Discuss the use of power to influence within an organization. Is acquiring power an art or skill? Can anyone do it? Please explain your answer. Analyze the management role in an organization and the importance of training managers for effective leadership.

Management for Political Risk

1- Political risk is the risk that a firm's host government intervenes in the economy as to adversely affect the firm. What are the ways in which the host government can do this? 2- In developing a global business venture, one should never assume that the culture of the target country matches that of your own country, wit

Discussion questions

I need help with these discussion questions. The articles suggests that customer relationship marketing embraces the same dynamics as interpersonal relationships. Think about a meaningful relationship in your life.

Organizational behavior

True and false, fill in the blank, organizational behavior questions. Work life balance concerns are the focus of the strategic approach to organizational behavior today. Organizational behavior is defined as the actions of individuals and groups in an organizational context. Multicultural organizations have diverse wor

The solution to Employee Handbook

After your review of the employee handbook and meeting with other managers/supervisors to inquire if they have any questions or issues with what is in the handbook. You now have a better understanding of the applicability and effectiveness of the employee handbook. Your have researched how managerial mistakes can lead to litigat

Organizational Behavior

I am looking for clarity on the following bullets points, original details. Please describe the following in approximately 100 words each: ?Organizational Behavior, ?Organizational Communication, ?Organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and ?Organizational learning Thank you! ~Pamela

Organizational Behavior- Leadership and groups IP 3-4 pgs

Continue your analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River by focusing on groups and organizational processes, using the Step by Step Analysis. The steps of analysis are the same as those explained in Unit 1: Step #1 Introduction and Background Step #2 Organizational Analysis Step #3 Alternatives and Recommendations

Organizational behavior: Motivation DB 3-4 paragraphs

Referring back to the recommendations you suggested in your organizational analysis in IP2, explain why these recommendations for FMC Green River can or cannot be effective at other companies. Use the course material and other materials (e.g., articles, books, journals, etc.) to support your argument. If applicable, include y

Describe and explain Jim Hadley's buying behavior when shopping for a new car

Jim Hadley is shopping for a new car. He is very concerned about receiving value for his money. He believes cars are for transportation and should be driven until they fall apart. He does not understand how people can trade in their cars for a new one every few years. This view of cars is very much part of his Scottish-Irish her


If you had a choice, which would you prefer to hire - an independent contractor or an official employee? WHY? PLEASE JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWERS - and INCLUDE at least two or three factors that distinguishes an employee from an independent contractor.

Organizational Behavior - Leadership

I need 3-4 pages on this topic to add to a 35 page report I will be compiling. APA style. Leadership Focus: At the beginning of 2009, we are under new leadership in our federal government, having just passed one of the most historically important elections in our history. Using that as a background, suggest why the Republi

Personal Management and Organizational Behavior Discipline

Evaluate all aspects of the Wal-Mart's organization with respect to the concepts, theories, and terminology associated with the Organizational Behavior discipline learned in this course. In the Introduction, please provide some historical background of the company.

Rewards System and Employee Needs Assessment: what are values and expectations?

In devising an appropriate reward system, incorporting employee values and expectations is critical. Prepare a paper in which you address the following points: a. What are the values and expectations of your employees? b. Do those values and expectations fit within your organizaton's reward system? c. How did you arrive at

MGT / 245 Final

Final Project Overview and Timeline Final Project Overview The final project for MGT 245 is a 2000- to 2500-word research paper on the successful and/or unsuccessful application of organizational behavior concepts in any organization. Choose three organizational behavior main concepts. Your research should uncover how

Employee Downsizing

Employees are often caught unprepared for the day when they receive their layoff notice. What advice would you give to employees so that they are prepared in the event that their manager arrives in the office and says, "I'm sorry, but we're going to have to let you go today." Present at least three ideas for how employees can

University of Phoenix: Mission Statement And Levels of Strategy

The mission statement for the University of Phoenix is as follows: The mission of University of Phoenix is to educate working adults to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their commun

Describe a few types of performance measures with examples.

I am trying to describe in no more than two paragraphs the following questions. David T. Stanley (Kearney and Berman, Chapter 22) discusses a few types of performance measures: Are you familiar with any of these measures and what has been your experience with this/these measure(s)? Please see attached file. Please pr