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    Organization Behavior: Organizational Theory

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    A) Why do organizations grow? What types of major crisis is an organization likely to encounter as it grows?

    B) Does evolutionary or revolutionary change best describe the changes that have taken place in your organization? In what type of change, such as restructuring, has your organization been most involved?

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    //The given paper discusses various issues related to the growth and crisis of the organization in an industry. This paper also tries to explain the two types of changes, according to the suitability of the company and its way to structure the organization//

    Answer A

    Organizations grow to describe and develop the applicable changes in the environment and provide better understanding to improve the business. The development and growth of the business provide basic principles for understanding the perspectives of the organizations. Due to the understanding and continuous changes in interdependence of size, strategies and functions, the organizations is forced to grow. Various proposed models in the organization for performing a ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 512 words with references.