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Organizational Behaviour

Financial Management

1. Modigliani and Associates has forecasted the following payoffs from a project: Outcome Probability of Outcome Assumptions $0 20% pessimistic $5000 60% moderately successful $7000 20% optimistic What is t

Organizational Behavior: Decision Making

Please help with these questions for a paper: 1. Compares and contrasts the decision-making process associated with rational decision making, administrative decision making, and creative decision making within your own organization. 2. At what points do these three descriptions of decision making diverge most? 3. What im

Employee Turnover and Retention

How can a struggling company retain their employees without losing them? for example, if each department is needing some form of compensation: what would be the best course of action to take? How would you get the information? What are the symptoms? Can the company benchmark other companies in regards to reducing turnover and re

Organizational Behavior

In today's increasingly competitive and demanding workplace, managers can't succeed on their technical skills alone according to Stephen P Robbinsons author of Organizational Behavior (2005). Technical skills is one of many aptitudes managers need. Name at least 3 other organizational behaviors skills and why managers need to

Filing Practices: Working with Employee Files

You have asked your intern to sort through all the employee files and make sure that all documents are in the proper folders. To assist the intern, construct a guide that lists which documents are to be filed together and which are to be in separate files. Include the length of time that material should be saved so old informati

Sample Question: Organizational Behavior

The answers to the questions below should include the following: - Should appropriately reference sites and materials that support your conclusions - Should include personal examples that demonstrate your experience and/or understanding of the concepts involved - Should thoroughly cover the question - Each answer f

Evaluate the business implications of your PR Campaign

Unfortunately my fellow team mates are waiting to the last minute to complete their sections. My contribution is to evaluate the business implications of our PR Campaign for SCC corporation. I am having a hard time understanding the process. Can you help me?

History of the Organizational Behavior Field

Discuss the history of the Organizational Behavior field with four contributing disciplines within the Organizational Behavior field, which consist of Psychology, Social Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.

From group to a high performance team

Explain how a group can become a high-performance team. Include an examination of the impact of demographic characteristics and cultural diversity on group behavior. Also, describe how demographic characteristics and cultural diversity contribute to or detract from high-performance teams.

Management Questions

1. Can you discuss with examples, one of the essential elements of performance management systems? 2. Can you please create three metrics to evaluate employee performance. Why were these metrics selected? Are they the most significant measures? Are they easily quantifiable and measurable? 3. Critique a best pract

Management Structures

Give an example of how each of the following management structures affects the day-to-day work of an organization. 1.Departmentalization 2. Matrix Organization 3. The project team 4. The collegial model

Organizational Behavior: Success of Different Practices

GE prides itself on continually raising the performance bar by annually letting go of employees who perform in the lowest 10 percent. In contrast, Cleveland-based Lincoln Electric Co. prides itself on its no-layoff policy. Lincoln Electric has provided its employees with guaranteed-employment since 1958. How can two successful c

Exceptional Use of Organizational Structure

Paper on the successful and/or unsuccessful application of organizational behavior concepts in any organization. Select and research three to five organizational behavior main concepts that, uniquely practiced, make your chosen organization either successful, unsuccessful, or a combination of both. The organization you select sh

Strategies for Collaborative Group Relationships

You've just attended a seminar on collaborative team creativity, and you're eager to start some virtual networking with the other participants. Post your learning, thoughts, and experience on critical components of collaborative team creation. Draw also on your own business experience and explain their importance in building

Assistance with Performance Appraisal

It has been 4 month since I started an entry level job, now I have to fill this form for my performance appraisal. I need some ideas of what to write for each point below Thank you. Key Objectives 1 Commitment to Customers: 2 Employee Attitude: 3 Communication Interpersonal Skills: 4 Teamwork 5 Job Knowledge Skill

Questions on Organizational Behavior

1. What explanations for mergers and acquisitions would you offer if it were found that they rarely produce positive financial gains for the shareholders? 2. Identify and explain at least three guidelines for the acquisition of position power and personal power by managers. 3. Your friends know you are taking Organizationa

Organizational Behavior and Adopted Goals

1. While surfing the Internet, you encounter this note posted in your favorite discussion group. Help, I have just been assigned to head a new product design team at my company. The division manager has high expectations for the team and me, but I have been a technical design engineer for four years since graduating from colle

The Why of High Employee turnover

1. High employee turnover is a function of poor management rather than a mismatch between person and job." Do you agree or disagree, and why? 2. How can training prove its worth to the organization?

Trait, Behavioral and Result Methods of Performance Appraisal

Consider these methods of performance appraisal: trait methods, behavioral methods, and result methods. Select an industry or organization(s) that have many occupational positions within it (such as, the retail industry, the transportation industry, a marketing organization, or others). Give an example of a job title wh