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    Organizational Behavior

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    How can communication be improved in your organization? Is the use of e-mail efficient or effective communication? Why? Do you think communication has improved due to technology? Why or why not? How does the climate of an organization affect communication?

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    Communication determines the effectivity of an organization. Therefore, it is very important that management will do all means to achieve effective communication within the organization. The efficiency of good communication allows information to flow smoothly and deliver the messages clearly so that people understand what is going on. Miscommunication and confusion create chaos and wrong actions due to misunderstanding.

    Most of the information comes from management. Hence, it is very important that supervisors or managers, who act as senders of messages, make their messages clear, complete, and easy to understand. They must know which medium would be appropriate to use for certain types of information. If they are not clear with their messages, this will pose a great barrier to communication and the employees will not understand it. Furthermore, if no provision for feedback is given for matters that need it, communication suffers and so do relationships and productivity in the organization.

    Supervisors need the skills to overcome barriers in effective communication. As senders, they must send clear and complete messages so that it will be easy for the receiver to understand what is expected of him. It must contain all the information needed. Supervisors need to anticipate possible questions that might arise after reading the memo to eliminate sources of misunderstanding. Another way is to use the language that the receiver can comprehend and understand. This does not only mean using the receiver's native language but also to avoid clichés that may mean differently to the receiver when they translate it. Don't use jargons to a group which is not familiar with it. Supervisors need to select a form or medium of communication that the receiver frequently monitors. Some supervisors think that the medium which they usually use will also be the preferred medium for the receiver for their messages. They must learn what medium of ...

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