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Customer Satisfaction and Consumer-Packaged Goods

Suggest how a consumer-packaged goods (CPG) company has or can adopt the marketing concept to improve revenues. Do you think that the effectiveness of the marketing concept varies with the types of products?

Explain (with examples) the two most important advantages of having satisfied and loyal customers. According to you, which are the top three benefits that a satisfied customer provides to the marketer? Suggest ways by which marketers can develop stronger bonds with their customers.

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1. A consumer packaged goods company usually sells products like food, footwear, drinks, tobacco, and cleaning products. These are goods that get used relatively quickly and need to get replaced. On the other hand the marketing concept means that firms should analyze the needs to the consumers and then made decisions to satisfy those needs. A consumer packaged goods can easily increase its revenues if it ascertains what its customers want, develop products that satisfy the consumer wants and keep the customers ...

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