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Management in a Geographically Mobile Society

What are the management issues in a geographically mobile society? Provide an experience/example that supports your views.

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Management now has to use different types of diversity and conflict training to meet the needs of a society that is not only not stationary, but also not from the same cultural, societal and linguistic backgrounds. There will need to be adjustments in how communication is delivered and the types of communication that is acceptable along with the language used and they context within which a message is delivered. People can travel great distances to find work and often do. In areas such as Europe, the ability to work with limited visa problems throughout the European Union is creating needs for managers to learn to speak more languages, understand more cultural norms, and to identify problems early to prevent escalation that can harm production and employee relations. People from other ...

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A discussion of the management challenges in a mobile society able to move within and beyond geographic borders.