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Health Care management - self-assessment and internal controls

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Deliverable Length: 2-3 Paragraphs
Details: There have been numerous problems uncovered within the Jones Pediatric Services Department related to care, safety, and so forth. It is critical that managers take proactive action to find solutions.

Give three reasons why self-assessment and internal controls are important in healthcare organizations. Discuss a consequence for failing to actively perform self-assessment.

Objective: Explain factors relevant to quality of care, reducing and controlling hazards and risks, preventing accidents and injuries, and maintaining safe workplace conditions.


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// In Jones Pediatric Services Department, there have been some problems regarding areas such as safety and care. The self-assessment and internal controls are more important to be taken care of in the health care organizations, because, the failure in these areas will lead to negative consequences. We will elaborate it here: //

Internal control is very important for an organization. It is useful for the reason that it helps an organization in achieving its mission and goals. The management holds the basic responsibility for ensuring proper control. To see that the internal control mechanism is working fine, it should be designed properly and checked for proper functioning. Self-assessment is a technique for monitoring proper internal control and is ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 467 words with references.