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    Health Care management

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    Jones Pediatric Services offers behavioral health services in outpatient settings. Behavioral health encompasses both psychiatric and psychological services.

    Discuss the following:

    Whether third party payers reimburse at the same level for services rendered by psychiatrists and psychologists
    Psychologists' concerns about reimbursement levels from third party payers
    Your feelings on how differences in reimbursement levels affect how healthcare organizations compensate these professionals

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    // In the given paper, we will discuss the difference between the reimbursement system of third party payer and psychiatrists & psychologists. The reimbursement system in both the cases is different. We also focus on the compensation methods adopted by healthcare organization for these professionals: //

    Third party payers reimburse is different from the services rendered by psychiatrists and psychologists. The third party payer reimbursement system is based on prospective reimbursement, whereas the services provided ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 351 words with references.