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    Organization Behavior: Organizational Theory

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    The Research Paper must include a cover page and references. APA format, please use at least five professional references and may include internet sources, books, and professional journals or resources related to the profession.

    References used for previous research.

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    Research Paper outline

    I. In this paper we are going to take a look at EBay's global strategies and how they relate to the core competencies. Furthermore we will discuss how the company boosts its worth in the online market.

    A. Strategies for global online marketing
    1.) Virtual Value Chain
    2.) Building relationships online with integrity.
    3.) Innovative use of all technology

    B. In this case study the researcher will uncover how eBay has positioned itself to have the highest market value in the industry through its use of strategies, dynamics and competencies specific to global online marketing.
    1.) EBay retained their high market value by providing reliable and innovative ways to fulfill the customer's needs via internet.
    2.) Captures the customers' attention because of creative ideas in technology.
    3.) The customer relationship was established when customers saw that EBay used the H.I.T (honesty, integrity, transparency) factor.

    II. First and foremost the high market value was obtained by many different strategic approaches.

    A. The reputation was boosted because the company supplied what the customer demanded.
    1.) Joined with PayPal to make transactions as smooth and secure as possible.
    2.) Expanded the user's base by increasing the products of high value.
    3.) Formulated a feedback system to fulfill the needs of the customer's.

    B. These measures are advertised by the organization, which helps build the trust within the user and the customers.

    C. Although the strategies helped the company gain more clients Mr. Pierre Omidyar, felt that it wasn't enough so he went the extra mile.

    III. The value chain captured the customers easily across the world because eBay allows them to conduct secure business transactions via internet.

    A. With that being said, eBay established trust with the customers when it provided valuable information and created an easy way of payment.
    1.) Joined with PayPal to make transactions secure and smooth as possible.
    2.) Shared information with the customers and created new ways of availing low transaction cost between the buyer and seller.
    3.) Has to decentralize the configuration for currencies and languages as they vary from country to country.

    B.) Furthermore it also has to coordinate the technologies as they are centralized.

    IV. When conducting business online many people want to know that everything that transpires is truthful and secure. For example, you purchase a projector online in which you think is in good condition. When you receive it, it will not function properly. What do you do?

    A. For this reason, eBay has made sure that all of the items listed are legit and guaranteed to live up to your expectations.
    1.) Everything posted on the market is copyrighted and guaranteed.
    2.) There are policies in place to assure that if something ever occurs, you have your rights.
    3.) Disclaimers are in full effect, because each country has different rules and regulations.

    V. In conclusion, eBay has faced many challenges but through it all the company managed to be a success. Moreover, it set the bar for other online markets, because of its unique design and its strong relationship with the customers.
    A. In this case study the researcher will uncover how eBay has positioned itself to have the highest market value in the industry through its use of strategies, dynamics and competencies specific to global online marketing.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 3473 words with references.

    //In this paper, we are going to take a look at eBay's global strategies and their relation to the core competencies. Furthermore, we will discuss how the company boosts its worth in the online market//

    eBay has registered a great success with the best usage of information technology as a building block and powerful source in developing a flexible and efficient information infrastructure for the adoption of innovative business strategies. The unique characteristics of this information technology are global reach and information rich content online. These strategies will help in the development of innovative operations with the achievement objectives (Lee, 2006).

    The objectives can be categorized as cost reduction, quality improvement, timely completion and enhancement of customer service at the same point of time. This will help in gaining a sustainable competitive advantage with a tight control over the factors affecting the firm in the long run. With this, eBay can have an Internet centric information infrastructure as well as customer centric business strategy (Lee, 2006).

    eBay initially entered the Internet auction business and then diversified in digital payment industry with purchasing PayPal. Recently, it has acquired StubHub for entering ticket purchasing, Skype for long distance phone calls, Kijiji for entering classified advertisements and social networking by acquiring StumbleUpon. It is making an extensive use of multi-channel option in digital client generation (Goldenberg, 2008).

    //The above section provided an insight about the company's operation and now this section is going to give you a look about eBay's global strategies and their relation with the core competencies//.

    eBay's global strategies will help in adding value to its products in order to improve its position and determine the best strategy to have an edge over the competitors. These strategies will help the company to achieve the avenues of competencies. Core competencies are identified when a firm enters into the creation of a unique product with additional skills, knowledge and technology. As a result, it would become difficult for the competitors to imitate it. With the strategies of global online marketing, the company will be able to boost its position and worth in the areas of e-commerce. These strategies can be further represented as follow:

    Virtual Value Chain:

    eBay value chains are mostly virtual. This is because the organization actually does not lead itself towards the handling of those products, which are sold via internet marketing. The main objective of eBay is to create a safe and secure virtual community. Thus, it will help in the trading of the tangible products. The real exchange of goods and services can be created with the help of virtual ties created by the users. The main role of eBay in this virtual chain is to maintain, stimulate and strengthen the virtual ties (Steiner, 2005).

    Building relationships online with integrity:

    The main motto of eBay is to have customer satisfaction and for this, the customer preferences are of utmost importance. The company directs its activities to have the optimum utilization of resources with the leverage of minimum cost and maximum values. For this purpose, it would be suitable to adopt the strategy of globalization of production, information security and privacy. This strategy will help in maximizing the efficiencies in operations as well as providing standards for each product and work place location (Lee, 2006).

    Innovative use of all technology:

    With the technology advancement, eBay is developing and improving its software and digital infrastructure tools. This helps in building a risk free, fully protective information exchange online system for those who are trading online, allowing the users to make use of technology in an innovative way, irrespective of what they are buying or selling and/or where they are buying or selling (Steiner, 2005).

    //Till now we have gained enough knowledge about the eBay's global strategies and now will learn about eBay's market value and position.//

    With the massive use of information technology and strategies for global online marketing, eBay is able to gain a market place and retain itself in the existing industry. Through extensive leverage of information technology and customer centric business strategy, eBay is able to build a chain of large and loyal customers via internet. It is constantly meeting the demands of digital client generation and holds a higher market value in the following manner:

    eBay retained their high market value by providing reliable and innovative ways to fulfill the customers' needs via internet:

    eBay has provided new and innovative methods to conduct trade operations between the buying and selling customers. It provides numerous facilities to its customers such as e-shop or e-retailers, e-procurement, e-auction, etc. E-shop or e-retailers help the retailers to focus on business to customer (B2C) relationship. The customers can make use of technology for purchasing of goods called as e-procurement. eBay helps the customers to bid for the goods via internet and this can be business to business or business to consumer. These innovative ways help the customers in fulfilling their needs (Harris & Dennis, 2002).

    Captures the customers' attention because of creative ideas in technology:

    With the virtual value chain, EBay is making innovation such as e-logistic and e-venture. Apart from this, day by day, it is leading towards the creation of new and innovative ideas such as software innovation, online event booking services, information brokerage, i.e. comparing the prices and still making innovations such as V3 technology. ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 3473 words with references.