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Organizational Culture

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1-In this century, is organizational culture (OC) relevant for organizational survival?

2-Can OC be sustained across national boundaries and national cultures? Should it be sustained?

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In this century, organizational culture is relevant for organizational survival. For example, if a company does not celebrate their employees for all their hard work, then they are more likely to quit; consequently, the business loses money, and may no longer have the ability to survive. This is crucial in our society today because everyone desires job satisfaction, and when times are tough, they want a job they can depend on regardless of their circumstances. When a person is struggling to make ends meet, and is living quite poorly, they need work to make ends meet. However, if their workplace treats them like a number, and refuses to respect them as a person, then that is where issues arise. The ...

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This solution dealt with the relevance of organizational culture as well as having it sustained across national boundaries and cultures.

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Here is some background information as well:

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