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Opinion on Teams

In most cases, team leaders are plagued with an uneven balance of task assignment. There are instances in which one or two members take on more than responsibilities than is acceptable by normal standards of professionalism.

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I disagree with this statement. Although a team possesses a common purpose it does not necessarily mean that each individual member will hold themselves responsible. A team leader must take into account that each member has a different perspective as to what assignments are a priority and may not feel as strongly about completing a task as other members of the group. A team member's true intentions may not be verbally expressed however; his/her actions will speak volumes as to the level of importance a task is and whether the team member will put forth the necessary effort to achieve what is required.

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Functioning in a team environment is stressful when team members fail to participate in the productive or creative process. There are various components that make up an effective team. One of these components include managing tasks to ensure fair distribution.