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    Management Committment and Employee Participation

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    Evaluate Management Commitment and Employee Participation in an organization.The adequacy/inadequacy of management leadership/employee participation within a current system and with recommendations for improvement.Also should contain a workable safety policy statement that explains the goals and objectives.and the management/supervisor/employee roles,responsibilities and accountabilities of each.

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    Evaluate Management Commitment and Employee Participation with Afford A Care

    With this organization, the management is not very committed to their employees and the community, which includes their patients/residents within their homes. For example, a registered nurse will say one thing, but will pass it on to another when it comes to a patient's health. If they are coughing, then they will tell the medication aide to give them honey when they are gasping for air. They all struggle to make decisions adequately when they already had the proper clinical training to help take care of others in any setting for all ages that are in need of it. As a result of their poor commitment, the employees fail to want to follow through with other patient's health. An instance of this is when a medication aide that is also a house manager was busy decorating one resident's room, but failed to notice that another patient was dying in the same room; consequently, the individual died. These people are still working for the company today, and those that work for them are careless, and are quite selfish. The turnover rate is high, and there is a lack of concern for everyone's health, especially those residents that live in the care homes, which is quite devastating.

    The adequacy/inadequacy of ...

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    This solution provided ways in which management is adequate or inadequate, and how it affects employees. Also, the OTA provided a recommendation for improvement, job description, roles and responsibilities, and an opportunity for each individual to get held accountable.