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Customer Relations Issue for Faulty Air Conditioners

Read the following case: A fellow from a city several hundred miles away has just checked into your motel. He gives the impression that he is a big-shot government worker. After a short visit to his room, he storms into your office, claiming his air conditioner is faulty. You have recently spent $75 to repair the unit in his room. You are certain that he must have banged it with his fist and that he is responsible for the trouble with the unit.

You have just settled into an affordable, but rather dumpy motel. It is mid-August, and the temperature is 105 degrees. You flip on the switch to the air conditioner; there is a buzz, a hum, and smoke starts to pour out of the vents in the air conditioner. After several bangs with your fist, the smoke vanishes, but the air conditioner will not work. You are hot and tired, and wish you had selected a better motel. At that point, you storm into the motel manager's office and inform him that he runs a shoddy, poorly cared for motel. You demand that he immediately repair your air conditioner.

Your answer to this essay question will be in two parts:

- Look carefully at the language used by each party to describe the situation. What problems do you see concerning tone from both sides? How could you express the viewpoints of the two parties in more constructive terms?

- Judge what would be the best way to solve the problem by describing the specific customer recovery skills learned in this class that you will apply to address the situation

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I will firstly address the tone.

If you look at the case, both sides seem to create biases that would negatively influence the reader.
- They assume he is a "big-shot government worker". What difference does this make what his occupation is? As long as he can pay the bill that is all that matters. All clients should be treated equally. As well, would banging the unit really cause it to break? How many customers have banged the unit in the past?

-However, equally on the customer's side, he describes the hotel as "shoddy, poorly cared for motel". ...

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