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    Market Research

    Targeting the right market segments

    Targeting the Right Market Segments Choose one of the new offerings being considered for development and recommend three market segments that company might consider targeting and develop a brief market profile of each. Use combinations of the major segmentation variables from Table 9.1 in your text for each profile. Give a sym

    Middle Management Ethics at Pegasus International

    Take the role of a mid-level manager at Pegasus from the Case of the Million Dollar Decision. If the CEO decides to go ahead with the payoff scheme and you are told to execute it. What do you do and why? http://www.scu.edu/ethics/dialogue/candc/cases/million.html

    Ethics of the CEO of Pegasus International

    Read the following case: The Case of the Million Dollar Decision. What would you do if you were CEO of Pegasus and why? http://www.scu.edu/ethics/dialogue/candc/cases/million.html.

    Marketing and Hospitality Management Article Critique

    Find two articles that pertain to marketing and hospitality management styles. The articles should be less than three years old and should exceed three pages in length. Analyze and evaluate the articles as to their relevance in today's marketplace, and organize the Article Critique as follows: Part 1 of the critique consist

    Cisco Case Study

    Choose ONE of the case options below. Evaluate the case, and respond to each question that follows the case using both theory and practical managerial thinking. Cisco, beginning on page 57 of the course textbook Nike, beginning on page 29 of the course textbook Microsoft, beginning on page 93 of the course textbook Walmart, begi

    Checklist for International Expansion

    A- Do you agree with this list? What do you like/dislike? What would other items would you add, or what would items would you drop? Here is a checklist of ten points for you to follow when taking the decision to enter new international markets. 1. Start by defining your motives for going international. 2. Have you researched

    Macroenvironments and Product Marketing

    Explain a macroenvironments trend and the reasoning for the effect it will have on marketing. Specifically, what products or types of products will be affected by the trend? Does the trend provide an opportunity or does the trend likely to pose a threat?

    Multiple Airline Reservations: A Bane to the Airline Industry

    Read the "You Decide" section below and then respond to the following questions. Is anyone being hurt when Meredith reserves seats on more than one flight? *How do Meredith's actions affect the airlines? How can actions like these affect yield management programs? *How many different sources is Meredith using to make reser

    Travel, Tourism, and Business Marketing

    Travel, Tourism and Marketing Marie Boone was preparing for a follow-up appointment with the Hastings. To take advantage of an international "fare war," Marie had already booked the Hastings' flights to and from London, but they had not yet discussed the all-important vacation particulars such as accommodations, sight-seeing,

    Red Bull Marketing

    1. Discuss the effectiveness of Red Bull's sponsorships. For example, Bull Stratos. Is this a good use of Red Bull's marketing budget? Where should the company draw the line. 2. Should Red Bull do more traditional advertising? Why or why not.

    Target Audience for the Ritz Theatre and Museum

    Discuss the market segmentation for the Ritz Theatre and Museum in Jacksonville, Florida. Who is the target market for this company? Outline the selection process for this target market in the context of this industry as a whole. Include demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioural characteristics. Include a posi

    L'Oreal Global Branding

    1. Review L'Oreal's brand portfolio. What role have target marketing, smart acquisitions, and R&D played in growing those brand? 2. Who are L'Oreal's greatest competitors? Local, global, or both? Why? 3. What has been the key to successful local product launches such as Maybelline's Wondercurl in Japan? 4. What's next for L'O

    Business plan for a real estate company

    I need help writing a 10-13 page business plan. My business plan should be written to persuade investors and lenders to buy in to my business. I am developing a start up Real Estate Company. Executive Summary - the core of your business plan •Company Summary •Products/Services •Market Analysis •Marketing and Sale

    The Role of Motivation in Buying Behavior

    Evaluate the challenges of conducting quantitative and qualitative research. What role does the problem (the role of motivation in buying behavior) and purpose sections of the dissertation play in deciding on a methodology? Identify a research question that would be appropriate for each, quantitative and qualitative design.

    Management Models in Different Cultures

    Compare and contrast two change management models from the literature. Analyze and evaluate their implications for effectively managing organizational change. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each model? Describe how these two models would need to be modified to adapt to a global organization that operates in Asia and La

    Marketing and Current Business Trends

    Identify and analyze three current business trends that are impacting marketing. What role does motivation play in buying behavior? Use current research on the trends to support your analysis. Please add references and format it according to APA guidelines.

    Role of Motivation in Buying Behaviour

    Assess a research methodology you plan to use for this title question (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods). Justify why this methodology is appropriate for this topic. Explain the importance of having an appropriate methodology along with a well thought-out research design during the planning, data collection, and

    Different Types of Surveys Used in Market Research Projects

    Market research projects cover a wide range of marketing activities which provide the required information to marketers for effective business decision making. Different types of surveys are used to collect data while conducting such research studies. List various survey types with a brief description of each.

    Marketing Questions: Targeted, Parity, Drive etc.

    1. Is Targeting Ever Bad? As marketers increasingly tailor marketing programs to target market segments, some critics have denounced these efforts as exploitive. They see the preponderance of billboards advertising cigarettes and alcohol in low-income urban areas as taking advantage of a vulnerable market segment. Critics can b

    Rational Business Decision Making

    Title of the Book: Rational Decision Making for Managers Author: Michael Towler; Sarah Keast Learning Summary Paper Summarize your learning from Decision Making. Consider the following questions in your summary: •What concepts were new to you? •What concepts are applicable to you? Why? •What concepts are not ap

    Explaining Decision Making Methods

    You may consider the following in your discussion: - What are the most valuable concepts we can learn from decision-making methods? - What concepts can we put into practice immediately? - What concepts surprised you the most? Present your reflection in Microsoft Office Word document format. . All written assignments and

    Using the Utility Approach for a Job Evaluation

    Select five types of jobs you would consider taking. Identify the objectives you would use in making this decision. Create a utility scale using the direct approach. Write a 2-3 page paper including the following details: •The range of outcomes •The utility scale •The correspondence between dollars and satisfactio

    Solutions Oriented Decision Models

    Scorecard Paper Consider the problem of where two couples should eat dinner. Two members of the group are vegetarian, and one does not drink alcohol. Create a 2-3 page scorecard paper including the following details: •The range of outcomes •Probability of each outcome •Objectives expected Recommend a decision b

    Advantages and Limitations of Conceptual Models

    Examine and discuss the statement: "All models are wrong; some models are useful." Write a 2-3 pages paper including the following details: - The limitations of mathematical modeling - The advantages of using conceptual models - The gap between the complexity of the real world and the simplicity of many abstract models u

    Advertising on Television

    What are the dominant products that are advertised during TV programming? Why do you think this is the case?

    Risky Decisions

    Consider current events and select a risky decision that is necessary. Consider current political, economic, legal, or civic events. Be sure to address the following: •An overview description of the decision to be made •The primary decision •The primary objective •The uncertain event

    Subaru Marketing Case Study

    Part 1: What is the dilemma facing Subaru? Part 2: What factors are important in understanding this decision? Part 3: What are the alternatives? Which do you recommend? Part 4: What are some ways to implement your recommendation?