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    Targeting a Minority Group and Ethics

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    Is targeting a minority group unethical, or is it an ethical (and sound) business practice?

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    People of the same culture socialize with each other according to what they perceive as acceptable behavior. People from diverse cultures have various ways of interacting with each other, have different interests and perception of things. Marketers understand the important role that culture plays in the lives of people. In order to make the best marketing decisions, they identify and target specific groups to create relevant advertisements for them and increase the chances of more sales and revenue.
    Targeting minority groups in marketing has posed many ethical difficulties especially in a multicultural society that is composed of a dominant group and some diverse ethnic groups. Marketers include the minority group in their ...

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    Targeting minority groups and its legal and ethical implications are examined. The business practice is given. The solution is 373 words with three non-APA references.