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    Comparison of Ethics, Morals and Applications

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    What are the differences between ethical issues and moral issues?
    What are the differences between personal ethics and business ethics?
    Provide real-world examples of common ethical problems in business for each of the questions above.

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    The difference between moral and ethical issues is that moral issues address a person's
    belief system and how that system affects their character, while ethical issues address the
    decisions made, regarding behavior, based on the underlying morals. An organization consists
    of many different individuals, whose moral beliefs may be very different. One manager may
    believe it is acceptable to alter accounting information, as long as the numbers add up and do
    not appear unreasonable. Another may have the desire to make the organization more
    transparent, and will have a serious issue with this type of accounting. There is likely to be
    a stalemate on such an issue, with such different views, unless a consensus that falls
    somewhere in the middle is reached. This consensus might be to avoid altering accounting
    records, while putting the transparency issue on hold or forgetting it, for the ...

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    This solution discusses the differences between ethics and morals and provides examples. In addition, it discusses the differences between personal ethics and corporate ethics with specific situations or dilemmas.