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This posting addresses info on 3 largest minority markets.

Hi. I just need to be pointed in the right direction with links to find information about the three largest minority markets in the U.S. (hispanics, African Americans, and Asians)....Basically, the info below. Where would I find this information? I've been having to dig and dig and it's taking me forever.

i) Total numbers in the U.S.
(1) According to the latest published p
ii) Percent of the total U. S. population
iii) Rate of growth
iv) Ave. household size
v) Average age
vi) % with college degrees
vii) Ave. or median income levels
viii) Geographic location(s) --metro, states, etc.
ix) Purchasing habits -- identify specific products and/or brands which show above average usage for each group
x) Best media to use to target each group

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Most of it you can get from the latest census data, taken in 2010. Here is a link:

- that will give you most of the statistics for % of each minority in U.S., including rate of growth and total % of the population the minority groups make up.

Here is a link for the percentage and % make-up of Hispanics in the country:

Here's another link that breaks down percentages by race:

Here's something about the average household ...

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This solution provides information for obtaining information about the three largest minority markets, identified as Hispanic, African American and Asian. Many links and resources are provided for every part of the data needed for the analysis.