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    Cultural Differences: Different Products

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    Why do people in different cultures buy different products? Discuss with your peers the types of vehicles you have seen in other countries. Why are they different, and how do they better meet buyers' needs in those countries? What types of cars do you think should be sold in the United States today?

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    People in different cultures buy different products because these products satisfy their cultural needs. People in countries such as USA which has a high score on individualism will differ from those used in countries where people have a low score on individualism such as China. For instance, a bathing gel used by an American will have high cleansing power but in contrast a bathing gel in China will have a long lasting deodorant effect. People in different countries have different scores on power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation, and indulgence. These differences in scores indicate differences in choices and preferences. The differences in choices and preferences lead to selection of different products.

    The types of vehicles seen in other countries differ because of several reasons including culture. Culture influences the individual ...

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