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    Significant changes in cultural values in the last five years

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    Describe any significant changes in cultural values in the last five years that have come to your attention. How might these changes affect the consumer purchase decision process?

    How might a manager of a convenience store serving a multicultural population increase traffic through the store? Identify some of the cultural differences that should be addressed.

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    In the past five years, changes in the way people communicate or socialize have become
    prevalent. This is particularly true of the younger generation of adults, age 18-24. Though there
    may be some differences from one culture to another, young adults generally are less formal
    in the way they communicate and rely heavily on social media and technology for communicating
    with co-workers, friends and family. Another significant cultural change for the younger working
    adults is the focus on work life balance or spending quality time with family and friends. For
    different cultures, this may mean different activities. Some cultures may value spending time
    with family during large family gatherings. Others may value quiet time with children at home
    or in recreational activities they can access from home, on the internet.
    Changes in the way socialization occurs influences consumer purchase decisions, by ...

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    The significant changes in cultural values in the last five years are determined.