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Anticipating International Changes in Next Five Years

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1. What changes to the international market do you anticipate over the next five years? How might these changes affect international marketing?

2. Should a country join a regional trade organization? Why or why not?

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Changes in International Market

From last some decades a number of changes have occurred in international market that affects almost every aspect of a business and other activities. According to me, the most significant changes that may occur in international market in next five years are changes in pattern of doing business, increasing use of e-business and advanced technology. In coming five years the present use of technology will be heightened significantly as in this period marketers will be introduced by several new technologies regarding production, supply-chain, communication, service management etc.

In addition, to this the other change that may occur in international market is its financial position. The financial market will improve significantly if handled carefully and in progressive manner (Rugman, 2002). The increasing ...

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