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    Demographics, Litchfield, AZ

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    Find demographic and socioeconomic data for Arizona and community that you select. Part of your research should include visiting the A.C. Nielsen Claritas website at: http://www.claritas.com/MyBestSegments/Default.jsp?ID=20&menuOption=ziplookup&pageName=ZIP%2BCode%2BLookup

    You can enter zip code 85340 to learn about demographics and lifestyles of the community. You should find other
    websites with relevant information. Discuss your findings and your community profile. How might a company find a
    practical use for this data?

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    I have provided you with a lot of demographic information. From this, you should be able to complete the assignment. I included some thoughts about what companies might see if they looked at these figures.

    This area of Arizona is a small community of 31,650 people. The population is most white and late young adults to early middle age. They live in 2-4 person households, though 5+person households was also large. Married with and without children are common and relatively equal in size. There are few minorities, though there are some Hispanic households. Males and females are about equal in number and the median resident age is 49 years old. Arizona's median age is 36.8 years old, so this community has more older residents than other communities. There are a large group of teens and while most people think of retirees in AZ, this is not true for this community.
    Average incomes are in the $35-100 thousand range, with average about $66,000. Another site (city data.com) says the median income is $75,239. ...

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    Some of the demographics for Litchfield and what companies might see are determined.