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    Lyft Transportation in German Company

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    Lyft vs. Uber in the German Market....

    Besides Uber are there any other competitors?
    Estimated industry-wide sales (or volume) for year—all brands?
    Relative market shares and strengths enjoyed in the market?
    Market Conditions Faced?
    Forms of available transportation and communication in the region

    Advertising and Promotion
    Media that can be used to reach target market
    Sales promotions customarily used in this product category (samples, coupons, etc.)
    Pricing—customary markups and types of discounts available for this kind of product

    * Please complete in a Word document with each answer clearly outlined. Please include sources

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    Lyft Transportation
    Competitive Analysis
    There is one major taxi service- Mytaxi in Germany
    Other minor players are- Wundercar, Blabla Car, Uber, Blacklane, Taxi.eu
    Wundercar is somewhat similar to Lyft in that it allows passengers to tip a driver.
    Estimated sales volume for all taxis in Germany for the year 2016 is 4.09 billion US dollars.
    Market share of Mytaxi is 40% which means that every second taxi plying in Germany is a part of Mytaxi.
    Market share of Uber is almost 7.78%, and the operator has a target of 14.41% at the end of 2020. Strengths of Uber are:
    • Higher valuation than Lyft and other minor taxi operators
    • Aggressive expansions plans around the world
    • Higher proportion of business travelers
    Lyft has a market share of about 5%.
    Lyft is the second largest ride hailing service in the U.S. Main strengths of Lyft are -
    Ability to attract new drivers
    Offer discounts to customers
    Market Conditions
    Passenger services in the form of taxis are highly regulated in Germany. Taxi services are governed by strict license requirements. ...

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