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    (Answer each question in 200-350 words)

    1. Summarize the key facts of the case. What are the critical issues being presented here?

    2. Explain the success of Lane Bryant in relation to self-concept, self-esteem, and self-consciousness. How can they leverage what we know about consumer behavior in these areas in order to increase sales?

    3. Go to the Lane Bryant website and another plus size website. Describe differences and similarities with respect to the way women are portrayed in the two websites. What changes have you seen with respect to the media images of women in recent years? Provide examples.

    4. Provide an example of another product category that could play to self-concept and self-esteem in in marketing. How would you suggest that the product be advertised? Be specific and detailed with your example.

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    The key facts of the case are that even though the movie industry and the media has built a stereotypical image of a woman, companies that sell plus sized clothing such as Lane Bryant are changing the mindset of what is beautiful. The case is about Lane Bryant which targets the plus size segment. The segment size is large since more than 62 percent of American women require plus size clothing. However, converting this market into sales is difficult because the manufacturers and retailers have not addressed this segment properly. Lane Bryant is working hard to reposition plus sized clothing. it is marketing plus sized clothing as fashionable and selling it in upscale stores. Other competitors have also entered this segment. The key objective is to make plus sized clothing fashionable.
    The critical issues being presented here are that unrealistic expectations of women in the US are changing. Those who are plus sized now accept their bodies and are likely to dress fashionably. This change opens up a large market segment for companies such as Lane Bryant. As more and more companies enter the plus segment, the sales revenues in this category are likely to increase quickly. Most importantly, fashionable clothing for plus sized women is increasingly being positioned as premium clothing. Premium brands are being used to market fashionable clothing for plus sized women.

    2. By self concept we mean the self scheme of women who are plus size. if their ...

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