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Wave Variation - measuring variation in wave size

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Can you express a quantitative method for describing the variation in wave size?

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This solution identifies and discusses a quantitative method for describing the variation in wave size. References and extra resources are also provided.

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This is the assignment it is a group assignment.

Each team member will provide research on Job Satisfaction. Again, use the Business Source Elite Database in the Cybrary and write up a short 1 page report on the topic. Each team member should use different sources.

Each team member is to do the following:
1. Research the topic on Job Satisfaction using the Business Source Elite Database (EBSCO) in the Cybrary and the Internet (if necessary).
2. Provide a 1 page write up of the research highlighting where statistics is being used and why it's used.
3. Based on the research, set up two sets of hypotheses (one null & one alternative makes one set) that can be tested using ANOVAs. You do not have to test your hypotheses.
4. Post your contribution to the thread in your DB area and share it with your team.

As a team you are to:
1. Review each member's contribution.
2. Provide an overall summary of the research findings (i.e., compile each members write-up). This can be 2-3 pages in length.
3.Choose two sets of hypotheses from the possible 8 sets (two sets from each member makes 8 sets in a team of 4) and test the hypotheses using ANOVA.
Please clearly state if the data you are using in your analysis was obtained from the research or if they are 'assumed' data.

My question is in regards to how to conduct the research. What type of information should I seek in order to facilitate setting up the null and alternative hypotheses? In particular as I conduct research what information would be most useful in accomplishing this assignment, ideally the data will lend itself to accomplishing ANOVA utilizing EXCEL.

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