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    Some parameters which all traveling waves have include its wavelength (lambda), period T, wave speed v, amplitude ym, etc. ATTACHMENT #1 is a diagram of a typical wave, a sine curve, with points A, B, etc. identifying various points and lengths of a wave.
    PART a. On ATTACHMENT #1, in the spaces shown after the parameters listed, write in the letter(s) which that parameter describes. Then see ATTACHMENT #2 to check your work for correct answers and see explanations in the posted solution.
    PART b. For a moving sound wave, with frequency is 440 cy/sec, traveling at velocity 346 m/sec, find the wave length of the sound.
    PART c. For a moving wave on the surface of the sea, if 12 crests move past a point in 24 seconds (counting 0 for the first one), moving at 3 m/sec, find the wavelength of the wave.

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    PART a.
    The identified parts of a wave must show that the wavelength is the distance from one crest to the next, or one trough to the next, etc.
    The amplitude is the maximum value of y.
    Points on a ...

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    Wave problems are emphasized. The spaces shown for the wavelength parameters are given.