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    Ultrasonic Waves

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    1) An ultrasound wave has frequency 100 kHz and wavelength (in air) of 3.5mm. What is the speed of these ultrasonic waves?

    2) 3mm wavelength radar waves have speed 3.00 x 10(8) ms(-1) (as do all electromagnetic waves in air) what is their frequency?

    3) Ultrasound is a longitudinal wave motion; radar waves are transverse. Explain the terms longitudinal & transverse.

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    There is a relation who connects the wavelength, frequency and velocity of waves.

    nu * lambda = velocity

    nu is the frequency and lambda is the wavelength.

    from this, the velocity = 100kHz * 3.5mm

    = 100*10^3 * 3.5 * 10^-3

    = 350 ...

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