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    Bow Shock Wave Parameters

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    A three-dimensional bow shock wave is generated by the Shuttle Orbiter during atmospheric re-entry. However, there is a region where the shock wave is essentially normal tot he freestream flow. The velocity of the shuttle is 7.62 km/s at an altitude of 75.0 km. The freestream temperature and the static pressure at this altitude are 200.15K and 2.5 Pa, respectively. use the normal shock relations to calculate the values of the following parameters downstream of the normal shock wave:
    a. static pressure
    b. static temperature
    c. Mach number
    d. stagnation pressure
    e. stagnation temperature
    f. explain why the temperature predictions are not actually valid

    Use can be made of the following normal shock wave relations: (see attachment).

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    a) Assuming the air to be an ideal gas, the ratio of specific heats will be the same as that one used in common engineering applications:
    Using the second of the given formulas, we will have:
    The number M1 can be computed using formula:

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