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    Market Research

    Global Online Marketing and Intellectural Property Law

    The objective of this is to research a particular legal issue with respect to international cyberspace marketing and develop recommendations for multinational companies. Choose a relevant legal issue affecting international Internet marketing. Conduct research on this issue and address the following factors: -What is the leg

    Marketing Considerations in Jordan

    Case Study submit a 3-5 page double-spaced paper, not counting the title page and references, analyzing the cultural and other aspects of advertising and selling in the country/region you have selected . Read at least seven articles about the cultural aspects of advertising and selling in the country you have selected or t

    Market Research for Starting an On Line School

    What marketing research would you conduct to start an online school? Please include 1. Problem definition 2. Research design a. Exploratory - interviews, focus groups to understand problem - for example, what makes the image good or bad b. Descriptive - surveys, phone interviews - for example, to determine market size,

    Standardization VS Customization in Global Marketing

    The objective is to further explore how and why international companies standardize or customize when marketing in the country you have selected. For the other company you are studying ,analyze which marketing elements (such as product design, branding, pricing, advertising approach, retail outlets, etc.) have been standardiz

    Ethical Code of Conduct for International Marketing

    submit a 3-5 page double-spaced paper, not counting the title page and references, Assume that you are the marketing director of a multinational company. You are responsible for developing a code of conduct to guide sales and marketing employees in the many countries where you do business. In your paper, lay out this code

    Selection Marketing Institutions and Marketing Plan in Jordan

    submit a 3-5 page, double-spaced paper, not counting the title page and references, analyzing marketing institutions in your selected country ( Jordan ). Research current literature available through the online university library as well as the Web sites of various organizations to gain understanding about the marketing insti

    Market Research Equivalence Research Paper

    Congratulations! You were just promoted to marketing manager for a specific product line ( Ikea ). This is doubly exciting because this is an overseas assignment, and you will soon be moving to the country you have selected for your final paper because this is your assignment. Previously, you were a marketing research specialist

    Demand Forecasting: Measuring Forecast Accuracy

    Demand forecasting is a critical business process basis which various supply chain/fulfillment activities are planned. Organizations use various kind of estimation techniques. It is very important to measure the performance of the techniques and identify the best fit. In this solution we explore two forecasting techniques and pe

    Descriptive Comparative Research Design

    Based on the purpose statement below I need help developing an introductory paragraph that reflects a brief overview of the chapter. Purpose Statement The purpose of the quantitative study is to compare organizational outcomes of companies with different levels of workforce diversity. Interest in diversity issues has stem

    Culture, Effects, and Meaning

    Compare and contrast two different definitions of culture. Which one do you subscribe to? Explain why one definition that you have selected better explains "the culture."

    Calculations with Multiple Regressions

    Your study includes measuring several physical characteristics, including weight of the communication device in grams (TW), size in centimetres (SZ), the size of the screen in percentage (%SC), and estimated battery life in months. The following table shows summary statistics for these variables. The following table show

    Statistical Analysis of Attitudes and Longeivity of the Product

    Suppose a researcher wants to explain attitudes towards the longevity of the product. The attitude is measured on an 11-point scale and the duration of the product is measured in terms of the number of years the respondent thinks the technology will be valid before the next "newest product" is introduced. In a pretest of 12 resp

    Questionnaires and missing responses

    When people are asked to take the questionnaire there are some who refuse and others who do not complete all of the questions. This means you need to decide if you are going to use these questionnaires and if so, how you are going to deal with the missing responses. Discuss the pros and cons of the various options for the treatm

    The Importance of Executive Summary

    Discuss why, after all the work that has been done to prepare a marketing research report, it is usually the executive summary that is most thoroughly read. What does this mean to you as the researcher who prepares the report?

    Laboratory or field environment?

    You are a researcher at a university. You are at the stage of development of the questionnaire, survey, or interview questions. The research question is the acceptance by the business community of a two year undergraduate degree in business as is being proposed in the United Kingdom, rather than the four year undergraduate degre

    Rank Order scaling and Paired Comparison Scaling

    When developing questionnaires, there are many types of scalings. Please give examples of rank order scaling and paired comparison scaling. Compare and contrast the rank order scaling technique with the paired comparison scaling technique.

    Internal Consistency of Multi-item Scale

    You are at the stage of development of the questionnaire, survey, or interview questions. The research question is the acceptance by the business community of a two year undergraduate degree in business as is being proposed in the United Kingdom, rather than the four year undergraduate degree in business as conducted in much of

    Test Marketing and Market Research

    The product development team at XYZ Fireworks Company has worked on several modifications for their unique backyard fireworks. The most promising development is a new type of sparkler that explodes into five different colors. Based on the positive feedback from employees who home tested the fireworks, management thinks the new h

    Introduction to International Business and Global Marketing

    Walmart has recently announced plans for expansion to China. Already a retail giant in the United States, the company now hopes to tap into a growing and potentially lucrative new market. However, such expansion is not without risks. Doing business in China is a much different environment than doing business in the United States

    Case Study: Cymbalta Analysis

    The analysis should include these sequential steps: What are the facts surrounding the case? Provide an identification of the key issues. List alternative courses of action that could be taken. Evaluate alternative courses of action. Recommend the best course of action. See the following case study: Ofek, E., & Laufer,

    Marketing strategy of Fiat

    Fiat is returning to the US Automobile market after a 20 year absence. Their reputation for quality has not been the best. What should be their strategic marketing plan for their new US product? Explain. My short answer is that the younger generation, especially in the US does not know Fiat's past so based on that I woul

    Advertising v. Marketing

    How is marketing different than advertising and, in particular, describe the effect marketing and advertising have on the success or failure of a product/service.

    Strategic Marketing 7

    Question 1: TigerDirect.com (www.tigerdirect.com) and BestBuy (www.bestbuy.com) are two companies that, through a web presence, sell computers and computer related hardware and software. They are both similar and yet different in the ways in which they market their computer products to the consuming public. Examine each of these

    Marketing Tourism

    Question 1 a Use a tourism or hospitality enterprise of your choice to answer the questions. The following are possible marketing for tourism service strategies: (1) Customer Relationship Management (2) Market targeting and positioning (3)Marketing research and Market research (4)Image creation Write brief notes on EACH

    Marketing intelligence

    Salespeople and customers in the field, competitor materials, and Web sites are good sources of ---- information Customer Competitor Environmental Internal Economic Many, if not most, companies now have information available to employees, suppliers, even customers. Typically, this information can be accessed electronical

    Federal Acquisition Regulatory

    Based on Federal Acquisition Regulation part 10, what are the procedures that must be met when procuring the services of a molecular research chemist? Describe the policies and procedures for conducting a research to arrive at the most suitable approach to acquiring, distributing, and supporting supplies and services.

    Pricing Strategies: An Overview

    1. A price-setting process is a sophisticated multi-step approach that has to take into account the external environment, competitors, and consumer demand for the product, as well as internal factors such as operating costs. Briefly summarize the main steps of the price setting process and outline the most important aspect of ea