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    Explaining Decision Making Methods

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    You may consider the following in your discussion:
    - What are the most valuable concepts we can learn from decision-making methods?
    - What concepts can we put into practice immediately?
    - What concepts surprised you the most?

    Present your reflection in Microsoft Office Word document format. .

    All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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    Step 1
    The first most valuable concept we learn is that of identifying and setting of objectives. Next we learn that objectives must be prioritized. The second most important concept we learn is that of developing alternative actions. These must be evaluated against all objectives. I found that it is scientific that if there is an alternative that is able to achieve all objectives. It is the tentative solution. This is a very direct method of decision making (a). The tentative solution is evaluated for all possible consequences. Once the decisive action is taken, additional actions are taken to prevent any adverse consequences from becoming problems.

    Step 2
    The first concept that can be put into practice immediately is the identification and setting of objectives. Often we think of decisions without establishing objectives. Objectives come from the purpose, and goals of an individual. In an ...

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