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Decision making in groups

I have come up with the following 6 methods for group decision making. Would you please offer some feedback/suggestions to my methods listed?

1) Lack of response
2) Authority rule
3) majority rule
4) consensus
5) unanimity
6)minority rule

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All the methods that you listed are valid methods. Here is some more explanation on your methods and some other methods that might also be used:

Decision By Lack of Response (The "Plop" Method) : The most common group decision-making method is that in which someone suggests an idea and, before anyone else has said anything about it, someone else suggests another idea, until the group eventually finds one it will act on.

Decision by Authority Rule: Many groups start out with--or quickly set up--a power structure that makes it clear that the chairman (or someone else in authority) will make the ultimate decision. The group can generate ideas and hold free discussion, but at any time the chairman may say that, having heard the ...

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The solution explains the different styles/methods that groups use to make decisions. All the different styles are explained in a fair amount of detail.