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Statistical Analysis of Attitudes and Longeivity of the Product

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Suppose a researcher wants to explain attitudes towards the longevity of the product. The attitude is measured on an 11-point scale and the duration of the product is measured in terms of the number of years the respondent thinks the technology will be valid before the next "newest product" is introduced. In a pretest of 12 respondents, the calculated t value for the correlation coefficient based on the data given is 8.414. The critical value of t for a two-tailed test and α = 0.05 is 2.228. r = .9361. What is the null hypothesis for this scenario? What do the results mean in terms of the null hypothesis and the correlation coefficient, r?

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The Null hypothesis can be stated as:

There is no significant correlation between attitude and longevity of the product.

The alternative hypothesis will be:
There is a significant correlation between attitude and longevity of the product.

Given ...

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This solution provides an interpretation of the relationship between attitudes of respondents and longevity of the product. Statistical tools were used to analyze the data and arrive at a decision.