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    Statistical analysis of high school smokers

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    The centers for disease control say that about 30% of high school students smoke tobacco (down from a high of 38% in 1997). Suppose you randomly select high-school students to survey team on their attitudes toward scenes of smoking in the movies. what's the probability that

    A) none of the first 4 students you interview is a smoker?
    B) the first smoker is the sixth person you choose?
    C) there are no more than 2 smokers among 10 people you choose?

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    Because each choice is independent, for each choice, the probability that the student is a smoker is 30%; the probability that the student is not a smoker is 1-30% = 70%.
    (a) The ...

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    The solution discusses statistical analysis for high school smokers. Their attitudes towards scenes of smoking in movies are discussed.