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Solutions oriented decision models

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Scorecard Paper

Consider the problem of where two couples should eat dinner. Two members of the group are vegetarian, and one does not drink alcohol.

Create a 2-3 page scorecard paper including the following details:
•The range of outcomes
•Probability of each outcome
•Objectives expected

Recommend a decision based on your scorecard.

Present the paper in Microsoft Office Word document format.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.
Articles and books references please not just websites.

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Step 1
The restaurant where the couple goes can be either a vegetarian restaurant or a non vegetarian restaurant, and it can either serve alcohol or not serve alcohol. The ranges of outcomes are that all members eat and drink, two members eat/ four members drink, and two members eat/ three members drink. We have assumed that the couples do not know if the restaurant where they will eat dinner is vegetarian or serves alcohol. We also assume that in a non vegetarian restaurant the vegetarian members will not eat and in an alcohol serving restaurant the one member that does not drink alcohol will not drink.

Step 2
The probability that the restaurant is vegetarian is 0.5. The probability that the restaurant serves alcohol is 0.5. ...

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