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    New Products: Two Products

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    I need assistance in identifying two new products (introduced to the consumer and/or business markets within the last year) and classify them as either: a new-to-the-world product, a new product line, an addition to the existing product line, an improvement and/or revision of existing product(s), or a repositioning of an existing item. For each product selected, help me identify what challenges the developing company may have faced in marketing this product. What rate of diffusion and consumer adoption do you foresee for these new products?

    Please use references from academic journals and other scholarly sources. Cite the sources within text and also list the references. Your detailed response should be between 2-3 pages

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    The first product identified as introduced during 2015 was iPhone 6S. This product is an improvement of an existing item. it is an improvement on iPhone 6 The iPhone 6S has improved hardware, specifications, including 3D Touch, a force sensitive touch screen, upgraded cameras, a faster processor, a body made of stronger aluminum alloy, and a new finish (c).
    There are several challenges Apple faced in developing and launching iPhone 6S. The first challenge was to develop improvements that had credibility. The current users must recognize that the iPhone 6S was an improvement over 1Phone 6. Further, the price of the iPhone 6S must be such that it acceptable to potential buyers. The company had to make a launch so attractive that a large number of iPhone 6S should be booked on the launch. Finally, the challenge of making a memorable launch so that the company can communicate the ...

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