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    Established Products and Their Place in the Product Life Cycle

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    Please help me with these steps. Thanks!

    Step 1: Pick two products that are available in the marketplace.
    The first product should be well-established (available for many years) from a well-established company. The second product should be a new product, recently released, from a young company.

    Step 2: State where you believe each product lies in the product life cycle.
    Be sure to clearly state how you came to the conclusion for each of your four products.

    Step 3: Comment on organizational processes that led to each product's development.
    Speculate as to how you believe the product development processes are different and similar between the two organizations (one well established and one new). Consider issues such as approvals, timing, and organizational design.

    Step 4: Pick two products that failed in the marketplace.
    These can be products that recently failed or that failed a long time ago.

    Describe where the product was in the product life cycle when it failed and speculate as to why it was not successful.

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    Step 1: Pick two products that are available in the marketplace.

    You have many options you could use in this step. Products that have been available for a long time include computers, cell phones, certain baby toys, etc. You may want to use a well-known product, like the iPhone.
    It would be a good choice because the features, marketing, and various strategies for the product are also well-known due to the iPhone's popularity.

    For a product that's new, I would pick something just out on the market, brand new. The Table PC is a good choice, and it's a choice few others will likely have. You could also search the web to find products that are labeled as "new and noteworthy." This would give you a good ...