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Managing Customer Service

Interactive vs. Direct Marketing

Is direct marketing effective? Why or why not? What about interactive marketing? Which form of marketing would you pursue for the launch of a new product? Why?

Factors that Affect a Sales Function

Based on AT&T: - Discuss how non-sales business functions affect the sales function for the organization. - Discuss, and give examples, of how the sales functions of your selected organization are impacted by other non-sales business activities. - Discuss how all of the functions within an organization work tow

Customer Service and SCM: How to manage forward and reverse supply chains

1. Explain in detail how and why a company should manage both forward and reverse supply chain management. Include what they should focus on to improve their customer service levels. 2. Research a global company of interest and recommend an application of these concepts to their supply chain.

Marketing Director: Roles and Responsibilities

A friend of yours has a small business of your choice that has grown to now employ 20 people. they are now looking to hire a Marketing Director. A. Advise your friend on what they should look for in a good Marketing Director in terms of what they will be doing and what they should expect them to accomplish. B. Advise your

Important Considerations for New Product Development

What is the most important thing to consider in new product development? Why? Why is it necessary to evaluate the new product idea at each and every stage of the development process? How can marketers best promote consumer adoption of a new product?

San Diego Cab: SWOTT for extra driver service

Please use the existing organization, "San Diego Cab" (http://www.sandiegotaxicab.com). San Diego Cab will start offering a service with an extra driver so customers that go party downtown won't have to leave their car parked at the bar if they decide to drink. The extra driver will drive the customers' car back to their p

Ziptech Customer Service Team: Discuss Methods to Improve Skills

Ziptech recently observed that its customer service team was not handling customer complaints in a professional manner. Management determined that the team needed training in communication, behavior, and product skills. Using the development pipeline, discuss the methods that can be used to improve the team's skills.

Delivery Service at one Starbucks as a test store

We are proposing a delivery service at one store located within the financial district of San Francisco. The selected store is struggling to make a profit each month. I need input as to suggested attributes to this type of service as well as identifying positioning and differentiation strategies.

Service Fairness for Customer Relationship Management

Greenman, Catherine (1999, November, 18). So Easy to Buy, Such a Struggle to Return. New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y. pg. G.20 Available in ProQuest on July 26, 2007. Assignment: Read the article "Easy to buy, Struggle to return." Answer this question: Pick a company to audit: What is the co

The Customer Service Perspective

Please review this article, and then (in 2-3 pages) prepare your analysis of how these companies implemented the balanced scorecard and its apparent effects. Your analysis should be structured along the lines you've been using this far in these cases: Introduction: On what specific customer perspectives did each company focu

Texas Instruments HR: Achieving better customer satisfaction by training executives Texas instruments did a great job on showing how important it is for all parties involved to understand the goals of the company in order to achieve creativity and success. Texas instruments recognized that they were no longer the number one company in their industry and that the goals for the executives and the customer service representatives were not the same. It was time for a change.

See file attached for problem: Name the Case Review/ analysis of the case Analysis of Findings Recommendations Summary and conclusion There was a need for changes in goals and training at Texas Instruments (TI). TI was falling behind in the industry due to other companies competing for the same business. These compan

Direct vs indirect Channels of distribution: effects of the Internet

The Internet is forcing businesses away from traditional functions such as distribution. The internet effectively closes the gap between the buyer and the seller and has slowly been eliminating middlemen or intermediaries. Select a company from one of the following industry: - Computers or small electronics Using the compan

Steps in a new product development process

Explain the purpose of each step of the new product development process. ( There are seven steps according to your text, so please cover each one) Are there certain steps which seem more critical in the process? Please support your answer with at least two examples.

Sales Promotion Schedule for McDonalds

Develop an initial sales promotion schedule. The product is a vegetarian burger made out of soy beans for a domestic market only, not international. The company is McDonalds. The intention is to market the product towards a vegetarian consumer in addition to customers seeking a healthier fast food option.

Importance of Identifying customers

Why is it important for an organization to identify their current and future customers and their needs? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of identification of both of these items? Please cite specific examples as it relates to your experience with either a present or past employer. (300 words)

Marketing Decission

I need assistance with the following: 1. Explain how a buyer's characteristics will influence consumer buying behavior. Next, let us apply what we have learned. Choose a typical product that you purchase often. (Examples: tissues, salad dressing, wine, tools, clothing, toys). Select three brands of the chosen product. Res

Selling products

How do you sell your product to your client when you know that your product is not as good as your competitor product? Should you tell this up front to your client or do you point out what you and your company offer to client in term of customer service, operational excellent etc. and sell them with this instead of product?

Customer Service Analysis

Think of a company that has provided great customer service to you recently. What did it do? How did it go beyond what you expected? What do companies have to do to get employees to deliver such service? Discuss.

Becoming familiar with customers' marketing plans

Salespeople & Customers It is sometimes said that salespeople should be familiar with their customers' marketing plans (e.g. understanding the customers' competitors and customers). Of what use would this information be to the salesperson? Discuss.

Total Customer Service

Why is total customer service (TCS) so important? What happens if a product or service does not actually meet its perceived performance or customer expectations? How can relationship marketing benefit a company?

Human Relations and Development: Target

Visualize yourself as an executive at Target. Develop a policy to empower customer service desk associates to resolve customer problems, including the limits to their empowerment.

Customer Purchasing Behaviors

Customer Purchasing Behaviors Select an example of a commercial product or service and address the following questions: Who are the customers? Why, where, and when do they buy? Who participates in and influences the purchases? How do they make their purchase decisions? Discuss.

Consumer responsibility versus corporate responsibility

Take a position on consumer responsibility versus corporate responsibility as it relates to ethics in marketing. Who is responsible? Is it a matter of buyer beware, or do corporations hold the responsibility to maintain ethical practices and not mislead with strategies like the "fine print"? To complete this, select a topi

Employee incentives for sales

Chapter 11 A sales manager says, "You can never hold enough sales contests for your salespeople. The more the merrier...they are guaranteed to increase your business," Evaluate this statement. Veteran salespeople can pose unique challenges in terms of compensation. Why? What would you suggest in terms of designing

Marketing: Discussion Questions

Looking for an OTA knowledgeable in this area of expertise. I am looking for someone who can write the answers IN HIS/HER OWN WORDS (CLEAR WRITING and PROFESSIONAL)- NO WIKIPEDIA (if you can't write the answers in your own words, please don't accept the assignment): Important note: Please answer the following questions writ