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Managing Customer Service

Product Strategy

I need a product strategy for selling knives on a new e-business website. The knives we are going to sell range from hunting knives to general use type knives: If you are going to sell online, list products/services that you will offer to sellonline. Develop ways of bundle your products and services and product packages avai

Class Differences in Consumer Behavior

Class Differences in Consumer Behavior Harrods and Sharper Image Two firms that seem to have successfully targeted the upscale consumer are Sharper Image at and London-based Harrods at Sharper Image specializes in cutting-edge electronics and gadgets that you cannot find

Marketing and Customer Relationship Concept Worksheet

Read Scenario One: TeraTech and complete the Simulation "Automating a Support System. As you read through the scenario and the simulation, consider some potential opportunities for TeraTech and Z-Wing in the area of Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.

Consumer Behavior: Response Principles

Please assist with the following questions: 1. You are a marketing manager of a very innovative washing machine. The product has all the continuous improvements including a computer chip that regulates water temperature. Of course the retail price is very high. Your boss wants you to recommend what type of family types with

Consumer Behavior Wants to go into Debt

In regards to consumer behavior, it is often said that we are a "debtor" nation, all too willing to go into debt for wants as opposed to needs. Why do you think we, as American consumers, are so willing to go into debt? What drives individuals to carry such high consumer debt and when do you think we transitioned from a nation

Complaining Customer Case Study

Write a case study following these outline. 1. Identification of the Issues 2. External Analysis 3. Internal Analysis 4. Alternatives 5. Decisions and Implementation 6. Measuring Results 300 Words limit. Bullet Points only.

Question about Training Program

Question 1 You are the Training Director of the HR Department. Julie, the manager of your Customer Service Unit, has come to see you. She feels that her staff does not do a very good job of interacting professionally with customers when they call in with product complaints. She feels they need some training in customer servic

Develop a thank you note for customers who buy your product.

I need to develop a "Thank You" note that will be inserted into the shipping box of the product our customers buy from us. What should we say to our customers that make them feel they have made a good decision and also reinforces our heartfelt admiration for their business.

CRM - Loyalty Builder

Review the below case study. Answer the questions at the end of case. The Loyalty Builder - Issue #45 ~ February 2003 Author: Debra J. Schmidt a.k.a. "The Loyalty Builder" Weekly Newsletter I have had the same dentist for twenty years. Due to a bicycle accident many years ago, I've needed extensive dental work incl

Net-4-You: Monthly Customer Retention Rate

Net-4-You is an Internet Service Provider that charges its 1 million customers $19.95 per month for its service. The company's variable costs are $.50 per customer per month. In addition, the company spends $.50 per month per customer, or $6 million annually, on a customer loyalty program designed to retain customers. As a re

Management Accounting for Reducing Costs and Efficiency

The Vice President of Operations would like to increase profitability, improve customer service, and expand the business. Even though the external accounting department spends 5 days preparing each quarter's financial statements and disclosures, she does not examine those financial statements issued to the company shareholders.

Marketing Plan for Z-Wing

You are the Head of Commercial Aviation at Z-Wing, the world's largest Commercial and military manufacturer. Janssen is Z-Wing's closest comeptitor and has recently captured 47% of the market. The Chairman Aaron Weiss has given one objective--"Come up with a marketing plan to help Z-Wing stay ahead of Janssen and maintain Z-Wi

Employee Absenteeism in a Call Center

Discuss how an HR manager of a customer call center at a major Internet service provider would resolve the issue of employee absenteeism and tardiness.

Customer Service

Discuss customer service levels for an inventory system within the context of quality management. Use peer-reviewed journal articles and books to support your 250 word response. Be sure to use APA 5th edition guidelines for in-text citations and the reference list.

Consumer Behaviour 102

Question Go to (a). Provide a background of the website as an introduction to this project (1 page max) (b). Once the ultimate status symbol, Cadillac's image began a slow decline around 1980. The brand is now on a major quest to reclaim its title. Although they are seeing some success, they may be hit

Consumer Behaviour

(a) As the marketing manager for a car dealership, you wish to predict whether an individual will purchase a new Volkswagen in the next month. Your team came up with the intention measure: "How likely is it that you will buy a new car soon?" to be used in the survey. You have argued that the measure is unlikely to predict the

Influences on Consumer Behavior

What is a reference group? What is an example of a reference group(s) do students tend to belong to? What impact do these groups have on students purchasing decisions? Provide an example.

Marketing - Analyzing Customers

The objectives include: ? Analyze customer needs, behaviors and trends ? Analyze industry/competitive trends ? Leverage customer feedback ? Understand key drivers of customer value ? Establish long-term customer acquisition and retention objectives ? Perform customer segmentation analysis ? Evaluate

Survey questions for customer service

Using the same business problem confronting the organization examined in the business problem analysis in workshop two provided in attachment (1). (1) Prepare a 10-13 question survey to collect primary data regarding the selected problem. Must use at least three different types of survey questions. (survey done and is on att

Trends related to customer service

How does Legal environment relate to customer service? In other words how has the changing laws which have been enacted effected the face of American business in its attempt to protect consumers and be sure that they are treated well? How does changing demographics relate to customer service?

Customer Service in Landscaping Company

You are the owner of AAA Landscaping, a small company in Orlando Florida that specializes in resodding and maintenance of lawns. Much if your business is through word of mouth advertising. Once a contract is negotiated, portions of it are subcontracted out,( sprinkler system repairs, and pesticide services).Recently you went to

Customer Service and Technologies

I am looking for Internet for sites that deal with customer service and the technologies used to deliver quality customer service. Also, look for Websites and organizations that focus on technology and people involved in the delivery of customer service. Please describe how these technologies have contributed to improving custo

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

What is the difference between a rating and a ranking scale? Which one is better at measuring customer satisfaction, and why?

Customer Service

Central petroleum National Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. They have revenues of over 200 million dollars and they have investment holdings all over the world. They do business with many organizations as well as individuals in this region as well as in other parts of Texas.

Customer Service and Service Cultures

United Booksellers is the fifth largest retailer of publications on the west coast of the United states. It started 15 years ago as a family owned bookstore in Seattle, Washington, and had grown to over 125 stores in seven states. The organization currently employees over 3000 employees, each of whom receives extensive customer