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Managing Customer Service

Marketing: Customer Life Time Value Exercise

Jones Blair Management is considering focusing on the DFW professional painters. There are 400 professional painters in this area who buy paint worth 14.4 M per year. Average gross margin for Jones Blair is 35% and it currently has $4.2M sales in this segment. Current retention rate of painters is 75% and their revenue is sta

Brief explanation of each separate technique:personalized customer interaction; customer relationship management (CRM);customer experience management (CEM);interactive relationship marketing; mass customization; customerization

For all submission please include references/citations so that I can do the assignment (Exclude any work from wikepedia as the school does not accept any work cited from that source). Brief explanation of each separate technique: ? personalized customer interaction ? customer relationship management (CRM) ? customer expe

Customer Relationships

Managing Customer Relationships "One reason so many products and/or markets are plagued by commoditization is that firms try too hard to tie customers' needs to the core product." 1. What are some examples that confirm and/or refute the above hypothesis? 2. Should firms focus on offering solutions to customers' problem

Consumer behavior in two segments

Imagine that you have two alternative market segments. They're different only in their inclination to information search. Segment A does a great deal of information searching during decision making. The people in Segment B are much less active in their search behaviors. Why would both segments be good target markets? How would m

Operations Management for Competitive Advantage

Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Works under immediate... Ensures compliance to all FAA maintenance regulations and requirements. Oversees the scheduling of repairs and mainte

Communications Handbook

How would you go about creating a communications handbook for using media marketing and advertising for a non-profit organization?

How do you sell to or market to CCs--Cultural Creatives

From, Marketing To The Cultural Creatives By Paul Ray "Fifty million strong, they are the Cultural Creatives, the leading-edge thinkers and creators of a new culture in America. And the success of your business depends on getting to know them. What holds the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) industry concept

Would Sony be better served by working to create a more uniform global image?

Unlike many U.S based multinationals, Tokyo-based Sony traditionally has marketed itself on a regional rather than a global basis. For example, Sony has almost 50 different country specific websites from which consumers can order products. However, there are signs that strategy may be changing, at least to some degree. Sony laun

Customer Service

What can a company do to acquire and retain new customers? If a company has established a corporate or organizational goal to establish and maintain customer focus, how might customer relationship strategies be established and executed? What role might the Internet play in an organization's customer retention initiatives

Consumer behavior

Describe the macro and micro environments that affect the consumers of a massage center.


Would like to get detailed information as to how to create a "generic promotion plan" for a product?

Market's readiness stage

Why does the marketer need to know the target market's readiness stage? Give an example of an ad targeting each stage.

Salespersons and Unethical Behavior

Sometimes salespersons at Studio Production say or promise something to the customer that they unintentionally are unable to deliver. By doing so, a customer can perceive this as being unethical. The owners of Studio Production are concerned with these behaviors and the perception of their company. They have asked you to prepare

Service Market Strategies

1. Share a scenario of a company that did a great job of satisfying you (as a customer) and a scenario of a company that fell short of expectations. 2. Explain how you would handle the unsatisfactory situation if it happened at your company. 3. From attached document, give advice to the two customer experiences below an

Current Event and Buyer/Consumer Behavior

Can you use an article from any ONLINE publication that discusses a topic related to Buyer/Consumer Behavior and summarize the article by showing how it relates to behavior Marketing? Can you summarize in six or more full paragraphs and list the publication and article that you used?

Buyer behavior

1. Defines what buyer behavior is, 2. Describes how the buyer goes about selecting a good/service. and 3. Demonstrate how you can use your understanding of buyer behavior to develop a marketing mix that will position the product so that a prospective buyer might consider it as choice. Hint: Consider how learning and memor

Creating the Customer Database

1. Describe a marketing information system. 2. Why is a customer database central to any marketing organization? 3. Discuss the steps in developing a customer database. 4. Why is it so important to keep customer data up to date? 5. Give example of an internet site that encourages, or pays, its customers to update the

Pricing Strategy

As the articles mentioned, GMC and other auto manufactures have used pricing incentives extensively to sell vehicles. In Sep-Oct 2005, GMC and Ford tried a "value" pricing approach of lower price with little or no incentives, however sales dropped off and in Nov 2005 considerable price incentives were being offered again. Toyota

Consumer Promotions

What are the different types of Consumer Sales promotions and how do promotions tie into impacting the brand message. Give at an example of effective sales promotion and one that was not so effective? Discuss your answer from the IMC perspective .

Marketing-Buying Decision Process

I have just opened my own coffee and sandwich shop in a shopping center. The shopping center is in an affluent suburban area and there are a number of professional offices (lawyers, accountants, consultants, doctor offices) in the local area. I specialize in coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and salads, and serve breakfast. I pla

Distribution Strategy and Consumer Behavior

Questions 1. Explain the difference between grid layout and free-flow layout and give an example of each. 2. What is trade area analysis used for? Try to determine the trade area for an existing company, analyze it, and comment on your analysis. 3. Explain the difference between store image and store atmosphere. Documen

Pricing Strategy and Consumer Behavior

Questions 1.Which pricing strategies should not be pursued by companies? Why? Give a contemporary real life example of each of these pricing strategies. 2.What is meant by "reservation prices"? Which complex relationships need to be considered when pricing is viewed from this perspective? 3.What is a penetration pric

Marketing Research/Buyer Behavior

Please provide assistance with the following assignment. I am looking for ideas and a better understanding of each of the three tasks below. Thank you. --------------------------- Throughout the course, you will be developing a marketing research proposal. For this unit, complete the following tasks: ? Select a resear

10-13 question survey to collect primary data

How do you prepare a 10-13 detailed question survey to collect primary data on a Hewlett-Packard Customer Service after hour team that has not been able to follow the process needed to serve the customer, as well as not able to take ownership of faults and management has done nothing for this to improve? This is an organizationa