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Managing Customer Service

Customer Service - Employee Protection

As a supervisor, you observe, on numerous occasions, one of your best customers intently abusing two of your most valuable employees. What steps do you take to protect your staff members?

Customer Service Experience: description of an incident with a purchase and customer service was contacted. It describes the problem, how the firm handled it, and what you think about the firm's response. It explains how this problem could have been a better experience.

Think of a situation where you, a friend, or family member had a problem with a purchase and tried to get help from customer service. Briefly describe the problem, how the firm handled it, and what you think about the firm's response. How could this have been a better experience?

Switching Dilemma and Ultimate Decision

You and your family go out for pizza every Friday night. You go to the same restaurant because the pizza is great. The service, however, is only okay. Last month you received particularly bad service and the pizza was not cooked properly. Since then you have tried different restaurants and have discovered two restaurants with go

Collaboration Process and Interactions

Identify and explain the steps of the collaboration process among the functional areas that must be employed to achieve organizational goals, and prepare an action plan to implement the collaboration process. Identify the key stakeholders and their roles needed to achieve the organizational goals, and recommend the collabora

Customer Service Expectations and Experiences

Customer service: Wal-Mart & Target Please see the attached file. Customer Service Expectations and Experiences Wal-Mart & Target 1. Identify eight to twelve general aspects of Wal-Mart & Target to assess, like: - Signage and postings: What are the signs, postings, or messages you see in Wal-Mart and Target shop

Retail Plan

Please help with the following problem. This is an online class, Retail Plan is a project for the entire sememster and it contains part 1, part 2 and part 3. Please help with part 1.

Improvements to Customer Service

Please help me with an assignment by discussing the following topic: Briefly describe a service operation with which you have received poor service from (e.g., waiting too long in the checkout line, poor communication of a backordered items, etc.) and make at least three recommendations on how this service operation could imp

4's I's of Service

With the 4's I's of service (intangibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory) as a foundation, what are the special challenges of marketing a service rather than a product? How can one manage service quality in regards to the expectations of consumers? Does employee satisfaction play a large or small role in maintain

Different Learning Outcomes, Instructional Objectives, and TOT

1.) How can good customer service be translated into different learning outcomes? Additionally, how do instructional objectives help learning to occur? 2.) What could be done to increase the likelihood of transfer of training (TOT) if the work environment conditions are unfavorable and cannot be changed? What specific steps

Segway Sales Assesment

Consider the Segway company in the context of distribution and sale. For that company and product line, go through the steps in the Identify Potential Sales Channels guide at the Business Link Web site. You may want to do this more than once if pursuing different markets with different products. Answer the following questions

Marketing message: One sided or two sided

Choose one of the options listed below to write a paper in the APA writing style. Include whether the message was one-sided or two-sided; whether the marketer used a central or peripheral route to persuasion; a socially undesirable position; or, if the message was delivered by narrowcasting, evaluate the potential issues: Fin

you-oriented formal letter

A customer has asked for a refund on a computer purchased from you. Your boss has looked at the situation and finds the request unreasonable. The product in question has been repaired and returned and the customer admits continuing to use it, but complains that it does not do everything your firm advertised it would. Write a for

Time Warner/Viacom: Countdown to a Blackout. Channel arrangement, conflict

Time Warner/Viacom: Countdown to a Blackout Why is Dora crying? That was the question readers were faced with when they opened the New York Times and LA Times on December 31, 2008. Viacom, owner of the Nickelodeon television channel where Dora the Explorer shares the stage with SpongeBob SquarePants and many other favorite ch

Human Relations

"Follow the Golden Rule" is an example of a (n): ethical conflict. legal guideline. ethical guideline. outmoded rule in a competitive work environment. The way to add value for customers is to: reduce the price of goods. provide training for using the product or service. offer a discount

Benefits & Costs that Contribute to Customer Value

What are some of the benefits and costs that contribute to your customer value from each of the following products: a wristwatch, a weight-loss diet, a cruise on a luxury liner, and a checking account from a bank?

Customer Service Skills

Explain the 2 routes to persuasion in the elaboration likelihood model (ELM) of persuasion theory. Can this theory be applied to negotiation resistance and the handling of customer objections? What other persuasive techniques may be used? Are there adjustments to the selling tactics that you, as a salesperson for Cav

Defining Guest Service and Influence within Food and Beverage Operations

Food and Beverage Management 1 What is guest service? Why is guest service important to a food and beverage operation? How may managers increase the level of guest service provided? Recommend at least three strategies 2 What complaints arise in a food and beverage operation? How are these complaints handled? Who handle

Customer service skills: Create a new-hire training presentation

After the group discussion, each salesperson is to create a new-hire training presentation that explains how to incorporate benefit selling into sales presentations. Explain the 7 problem resolution and recovery procedures, and provide one specific example emphasizing each step. Explain how it helps the salesperson make

Customer Service: customer ready response

Scenario: A customer has purchased Office 2007 and wants to upgrade to Office 2010 through the Tech Guarantee program. Tech G allows customers to upgrade to Office 2010 if they purchased Office 2007 within a specified date window and have requested an upgrade by October 31, 2010. The customer's request for an upgrade was recei

Retain staff, Enhance Services, Boost Profits

Corporate headquarters wants all stores to install at least two self-checkout machines. Research shows that the machines will pay for themselves within a year by reducing labor costs. You believe that cutting jobs would put your store at a competitive disadvantage. Your competitive edge--especially versus low price giants such a

Financial losses due to maintaining quality customer service?

How do you account for financial losses in order to maintain quality customer service, for example, a restaurant that gives a free meal to an upset customer or a company that gives repeat customers a discount? From the viewpoint of a management accountant, how would this cost be classified and how would it figure into a company'

Customer service is the foundation of the hospitality industry

Customer service is the foundation of the hospitality industry. Describe a time when you received outstanding customer service in a sector of the hospitality industry and a time you received a negative customer service experience in the same sector of the hospitality industry. â?¦For the positive experience, what made the p

Marketing Conference

MARKETING CONFERENCE As the AI Brainstorming Conference moves into its second week, it is time to begin developing a Marketing Strategy. The first three components you will discuss are your Mission Statement, Objectives and Product/Services features. MAIN DISCUSSION POST: Due by Sunday 1.Provide a quick overview of the

Foreign Consumer Markets: Wine in Australia

Need assistance with one of the questions below: Also consider the product's or service's consumer trends, market segmentation, options for local marketing strategies and branding strategies The product is wine Australia is the foreign country Mexico is the domestic All I need is guidance ideas of where to begin:

ECustomers play an integral role to the organizations forward progression. Enterprise understands the important of putting consumers needs first which is ultimately what makes the organization the number one leader in the car rental industry. Enterprise developed a platform of Total Quality Management (TQM) meets extremely satisfied consumers. In essence there is no middle compass, either consumers are completely satisfied overall, or completely dissatisfied. The company's approach to customer satisfaction is to create a consensus of superior customer service, which in my opinion goes far beyond the customer service from their competitors. As with any organization, customers have the role of becoming brutally honest about services rendered. Organizations establish a business model that embraces constructive feedback, in Enterprise Rent-A- Car's case; they integrated an Enterprise Service Quality Index (ESQi) to measure the quality of customer service of each local branch via telephone surveys from thousands of customers. Upon a customer's feedback of being completely satisfied, Enterprise earns a higher ranking based on an implied rating system of the consumers' level of satisfaction.

Customers play an integral role to the organizations forward progression. Enterprise understands the important of putting consumers needs first which is ultimately what makes the organization the number one leader in the car rental industry. Enterprise developed a platform of Total Quality Management (TQM) meets extremely sati

Service Fairness for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Pazzanese, Christina. 2007. To get a train-delay refund, you must click the link. Christina Pazzanese. Boston Globe. Boston, Mass.: Oct 21, 2007 Birud Sindhav, Jonna Holland, Amy Risch Rodie, Phani Tej Adidam, Louis G Pol. 2006. The Impact of Perceived Fairness on Satisfaction: Are Airpor Security Measures Fair? Does it Mat